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*arting noises* @Miffsart

Drawing of a game I play with myself when bored, it’s called ‘evolution’ you draw a very simplistic ancestor animal, then draw an arrow and create an ‘evolved’ form with slightly different features to the original until you get many diffrent species (rather like irl evolution) :3 mastodon.art/media/NsctqBr5f4F

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@Miffsart An evolution of your idea would to add RPG elements to the changes, and then have them fight each other. Extra points, give them crazy names and constant sexual innuendo! ^_^

@maiki Hmm, I dunno how it could work, but it could be fun tbh? :3

This is cool. I'm wondering what if it was distributed (each new generation is a different person drawing), like this plus Exquisite Corpse or Rumours.

Love your drawings :)

@xurizaemon ah yeah, other folks have suggested that, I think it would be really fun for parties maby?

Like monsters, easy to play but real fun :3

@Miffsart this would be a great variant on madlibs

@envgen yeah! I never thought about how it could be multiplayer?

That’s a really cool idea tbh!

@Miffsart I'm loving this idea of yours:) It's like brainstorming:)

@Miffsart this is actually such a nice idea i love this