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*arting noises* @Miffsart

Tea pot dragons! They’re not actual dragons but enchanted self heating pots :3 mastodon.art/media/fepQ48WuZY2

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@Corvusheart I hope you’ve got enough shelf space in that case X3
Thanks thou, glad you like em

@Miffsart and when you want some tea they can bluhhhh into your cup

@SorrelGillespie yup pretty much, I rather reaslised how the tea would have to come out /after/ I’d drawn them X3

@DialMforMara aww, yeah I imagine they’re ok by themselves but do prefer some company with other pots :3

@Miffsart Yes please where do I adopt and how do I feed and how reliable are they

@bouncinglime so long as you look after them very reliable, they can also learn how long you like your tea brewed for and squeak for you when it’s ready

They don’t need to eat as they’re not biological but magic powered, they do appreciate a wash in warm soapy water to keep clean and to have interaction with humans and if possible other pots

Please check if your local enchanter can make one for you :3

@Miffsart hmmm I'll have to see if we have enough space for two. It does seem a little sad to have one on its own, but that might be the deciding factor. Perhaps a less sociable one would be possible. Thanks! 🐲♨

@Miffsart they are too cute i love them? they pro bably think they are dragons tho

@rinovarka some of them do puff steam when grumpy, and a few have been recorded to hoard pennies too tbh