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*arting noises* @Miffsart@mastodon.art

Btw. There is nothing wrong with boosting your own art multiply times!

Some folks operate on very diffrent time zones, might be at work or might follow a lot of folks

So boosting art means folks are more likely to see your work :3

The Clangers is such a cute tv series, always seen them as marsupials, hence the middle left drawing :3 mastodon.art/media/qEpG0BsbXbZ

Drawing of a game I play with myself when bored, it’s called ‘evolution’ you draw a very simplistic ancestor animal, then draw an arrow and create an ‘evolved’ form with slightly different features to the original until you get many diffrent species (rather like irl evolution) :3 mastodon.art/media/NsctqBr5f4F

I’m gonna have to draw more tea pot dragons, they’re fun tbh?

Tea pot dragons! They’re not actual dragons but enchanted self heating pots :3 mastodon.art/media/fepQ48WuZY2

Thease are just quick watercolour sketches, I was going for just having fun over good anatomy and the like tbh?

mastodon.art/media/nEufnXfal8q mastodon.art/media/-RVuXhiUM3w mastodon.art/media/Z7hJEcV_tgZ mastodon.art/media/RVnwmcMmk1e
Some monster ladies I drew! &d
A kobold gardener, Illithid tailor and an orc dancing instructor, the orc lady grew on me and I think I’m going to develop her design more :3

if you’re in the uk these pens from WHSmith are a much less expensive alternative to more costly artist pens, being water based they blend pretty well too, allthough this can vary depending on the colours

Btw an hashtag might be a cool idea?

For things like advice on materials as well as tutorials to help fellow artists out?

Hugh Mann my ilthid-
Drew him in my d&d session, gonna do some more fun arts of him tonight :3 &d mastodon.art/media/MJdm8uLN7fG

i know you're not real. i'm just imagining this.

I could have sworn it was 1000 something?

...did'nt masto.art have a longer word limit?