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Image description tip!

On phones or tablets if you click off the image descrption when you’re not done with it, it will not go back to where you were typing before.
Which can mean typing the whole thing out again, which is a pain if it’s a complicated image

However! an easy way around this is to write the description out in the toot box, or a word processor then paste it into the image description section.
This also makes spell and grammar checking much easier!

A floofy Trex. Inspired by talking with a masto pal about feathered dinos

Drawn for fun rather than any sense of palo-accuracy honestly :3

after defeating horrifying monsters from wherever, I like to imagine Hellboy buys a load of cat food and toys and just plays with and feeds any local stray cats.

Tiny bit of food/mermay drawing Show more

Quick double of @eris ‘s giraffe, hope they find their surfboard!

three mushroom dogs! chanterelle, shaggy inkcap and amanita :3

Younger me: I’ll just make this one character I draw trans

Older me: *squints* I’m sure there was a cis in here somewhere

the ‘you have to draw everyday to be an artist’ thing wasn’t written by/for anyone chronically and/or mentally ill

I barely drew for two years almost cause I was too depressed.

Some days before I got my rheumatoid atheritus treatement u couldn’t draw cause my hands hurt too much

You don’t have to draw everyday. You just have to draw when you feel ok to draw :3

realised Cow would have one of those long cow tounges

Also trying to reference real cows in their design more :0

Sometimes you just end up drawing a cow furry playing beachball :3

A puppy shroomdog / bodyhorror Show more

Body horror (a dog with a mushroom head) Show more

Practicing drawing wheelchairs, still need to improve
Gonna have a shot at an electric chair next :3

The OCs
One moth daemon, a cow furry, eldritch creature and a space dragon :3

I’m gonna make more banana dragons, thankfully the world is full of wonderful and beautiful banana species :-D