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Hello there i'm Miette !!
I'm a 23yo girl from France who loves cute things, pixel art, OCs and a lot of other things ✨

Here's another illustration of one of my main OC : Nyx !

She's a very smart and passionate young woman who loves magic and science and combines the two for fun. She has a strong admiration for the queen of Resver, the world she lives in, and wish to become one of her counsellor one day.

i have a lot of trouble focusing on things recently like drawing or writing something and it's really annoying.
i only do the same things over and over again and procrastinate instead of doing what i want to do. Do you guys have any tips to overcome this ? 😥

me,making any oc: ok this is going great but like lets make it :100_gay:

Here's one of my main OC, Cherubin !!

He's a young man with a birdlike form. He's very sincere and happy-go-lucky and he's always trying to make people around him smile.

He's a huge fan of everything that's pink and cute and loves magical girls shows the most.

Cherubin escaped the real world with his best friend Arion into a fairytale world to live a better life and has never came back home ever since.

a marker commission (of my character Rel) I did at a local con last weekend

Hi!! I'm Cat (she/her) and I'm a self-taught freelance artist!
I love drawing girls cause I'm 🌈super gay🌈 and girls are amazing! I really want to draw a lesbian-centric comic one of these days 😊

Meet Camryn, a proud lesbian fox who actively fights for gay rights! I'm still working on a real ref for her but!! I love how this turned out!

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