THE STAGE IS SET! A of the second Fire Mission II cover page. Now all I need are characters and dialogue.

(Oh, and that horrid font is going away too!)

Last of this version of the cover page, as the last of the planned 5 characters (of the 6 in the core group) has been added. Top right: Former pirate and conscripted class IV navigator, Ens. John West.

Now we do it again. 😁

Another of the cover page. The new character is disgraced former marine sgt Brenda Strong. Now she's part of our band of thieves.

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We will be proud and happy to present at Paris "Cryptoart Revolution" on Dec. 15 and 16.

Botto connects two historical artistic practices: #generativeart and #decentralizedart, which are both at the core of #cryptoart !



No text yet. Still working on the art part. In the center, Capt. Terrell; on the left, Chief (of the boat) Harry Westman; front silhouette (working on now), Smn Tasha McKinness.

A of "The Catux of T'laht". Not finished yet but getting there. (Decisions, decisions!) Anyway, there's no English translation of "catux". It kind of means "signature", or signature mark. But in this case, it's obviously closer to a heraldic device.

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So after the last one screwed up, I started another. Which screwed up. Yay! Fountain pens on A3.

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Another Arthur piece I did quite a few months back, intending to use it to print out a shirt for me because official RDR merch doesn't fit my aesthetic.

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Playing with comic art styles. Not finished work, but its done its job. Now... What do I think? Not sure. Not sure...

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