ooh Rachie did a vocaloid history session on Deco*27! It's a bit chaotic but it's fun to go down memory lane like this haha

OC in cute clothes based on Shining Nikki, under cw because I'm listing all the clothing items lmao 

Kosmas in an outfit I made in Shining Nikki, full list of items used:

hair: Warm Tenderness [adapted for my OC]
top: White Cat Lady
bottom: Long Summer
socks: Dot Stockings
shoes: World Warp
headwear: Signal Amplifier
earrings: Drunk Orchid
necklace: Warm Company
bracelets: Dance of Dandelion
handheld: Fresas con Crema
special: Adorkable Vision

tried to control my Switch with my insulin pump instead of my joy con.... 🀦

friends, have any of you made stingers in ? I've tried like ten tutorials but either my files come out with a black background or the background is transparent, but it only renders like two tracks?? I'm so confused and tired and I don't know what I could possibly be doing wrong, I've tried all recommended codecs at this point :(


Pearl Pony πŸ¦„
Just felt like doing something cute today haha it's a shame all the shiny gloss doesn't come across well on camera.

Sketch reward for one of my Patreons for supporting me for 12 months, based on one of their photos 😁

body horror: many many hands and fingers where they shouldn't be 

heeeey giiiirl πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ’–πŸ’–

body horror: many hands and fingers. ken doll nudity. 


oh cool the skatebird trailer is all about input accessibility :O

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The Wholesome Direct happened today! It's a stream of a lot of lovely upcoming indie games!

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