Ah they released the clean opening for TWEWY anime, I'm so glad they're sticking with the original music <33

Got a request for a "moon being" / mew / ninetails on my SverokTV stream tonight 🐰 🌕

glitch art; long furby; knife; very edgy art but no explicit violence 

Guess I was feeling some type of way 😊


I have a lot of criticism of oReilly and the way they display ebooks but my number one complaint is that when you go from one chapter to the next they start at the same scrolling position as you were in on the previous chapter. So if you were at the end of the first chapter, you'll be at the end of the next chapter (if similar length or shorter). Why.

Finished my of from 😁 Since I'm using the free version of the app the animation export quality is low, but Patreons get to see the static image as a full quality illustration instead lol


Saw Sajan's and wanted in on the fun, I never had this specific book but I did have a Swedish equivalent so it's still nostalgic lol. Please enjoy my ~30 min HowToDrawManga-kun.

I present to you: Surby

Also known as Sucrose Furby, or a Furby version from Genshin Impact. Bad news: spent a lot of time making this vector Furby. Good news: learned a bunch about how Affinity Designer works and it actually took less time than I thought it would.

VOD of me streaming as I play through all the Ballads of Breeze on Pro (Discantus on all except Frost Parable) 😁


Oh yeah some apps don't support animations so gotta post the flat version for me to post elsewheeere

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