On Saturday we begin a new game for weekly streaming... but which?! Help me decide by voting in my discord server! Right now three games are tied, so you really have a chance to tip the scales towards your preferred game!


22, Olivia!
I almost gave up on this one, but it's done! Who cares I messed it up 10 times!
In canon in her universe, she gives herself many paint moustaches.

vampire: can i come in
guy at the door, sarcastically: i don't know, can you?
vampire: *sweating nervously*

could the discord nitro spammers/scammers stop already I'm getting so many unnecessary pings everywhere

I think the art style was part of it. Like it was pretty, but characters often weren't very expressive in their poses and facial expressions (despite good voice acting at times). In the first game the more mundane occasions and tasks were okay because you were playing it and controlling the character and stuff but in the anime you're just watching and when long swathes of plot is kind of mellow and the visuals not really engaging it just becomes a big meh.

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Just finished the Blue Reflection Ray anime and it took me like over two months despite starting it after it was all out, because even though technically a lot happens it was somehow still boring through large parts of it? Like a lot of the messages they try to get through are good and many things are pretty but large parts of it are so dull? Wanted to finish it before the new game comes out though just in case there was something important to the franchise, and the last couple of eps were good.

19, Claire and her cat Nathaniel!
I'll pretend it's still the 19th and I'm back on track now!

Entry #02 into my BoT travel journal I've rearranged the main journal now so I have a better overview of quests and journal entries, with the added benefit that I can now link directly to new entries

I’ve been testing the limits as to how much I can saturate the already light weight paper 😂

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