Hot and humid here, well not daft hot 24° C but the humidity is 60% and a storm is on the way.
I don't mind heat but can't abide humidity.
Still could be worse like 49° in India, how people can work in those conditions is beyond me.

I did another render with a couple of little changes, I think I like this one more.

Not even finished my first coffee and I have a new word in my vocabulary:


I shall use it next time I visit the Addams Family for a smoky beverage.

I spent a while doing this one. Interesting piece for modelling and texturing.
I think I spend the most time on texturing and render preperation than on modelling these days.

I am a big fan of the late great Terry Prachett, this is a small quote from Jingo:

“The intelligence of that creature known as a crowd is the square root of the number of people in it.”

Seriously good book from a wonderful author. RIP

I had fun doing the last spanner so I thought I would redo it completely from scratch.
A good exercise shape due to bevels.

I think I can call this morning foggy, either that or the clouds have lost the will to fly.

This is a really well made explaination of:

How To Use The Map Range Node || Blender Concepts via @YouTube

A blast from the past.
Did this one in and rendered in niether of which I use anymore.

I can't think of anything 3d related to say to I will just say: "have a peaceful Sunday!"

6am and up with the larks, sheep, seagulls, thrushes and an assortment of other early risers.
Good morning!

I have been working on this one for days but now I think I can call it done, or done ish. The modelling was pretty straightforward, I ended up playing around with textures in Blender for a good while.

This RC Bomb has been difficult to prune from my portfolio, as it encompassed a big moment in my career. This was a challenge to focus on three specific skills as Deliberate Practice;
1. Learning Substance Painter
2. Design - no concept, only ref!
3. Presentation

Growth in these areas set me up for success in later opportunities. While I admit sentimentality has no place in a "lean and mean" portfolio, I will always be proud of my silly little RC Bomb 💣

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