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I've realised, I've never done any ads here so let's go 🙃
I post which I release under for everyone to use. But there's more stuff and support is always welcome 😀 :


Or just exchange a few friendly words, that's what i came here for! :mastohi:

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Hi, I'm Malte, I'm a musician and visual artist from Germany. I'm new to this community and I think during the next few days I'll start off by showing some of my older stuff I did in the past months. Feel free to comment on my stuff, I'm always curious to hear, what people think! Excited to discover the community!

Wieder Montag, wieder Episode 12. Dieses Mal ein paar ruhig fließende Akkorde mit minimalen Melodiefetzen. Lizenz: CC0, keine Rechte vorbehalten, gemeinfrei. Macht damit was ihr mögt!
Monday again, Sixty Seconds Sounds again. Episode 12. This time some gently flowing chords with minimal melody fragments. License: CC0, no rights reserved, public domain. Do with it whatever you'd like!

abortion, USPol 

I tend to be pretty quiet about politics on this account, but just a tip, as I keep seeing posts saying things like "you're welcome to stay with me if you need to go on a 'camping trip'!" (not subtooting anyone specific, I've seen a lot of these posts) This is a great impulse to help others, but I would encourage you to connect with local abortion funds rather than posting publicly to the internet at large if you'd like to host people seeking abortions. A couple of reasons why ⬇️

Working through some 40 songs for a wedding gig, all in acoustic lounge versions! 😎 I'd forgotten how this "assembly line" of entertainment feels! But after two hours straight it's time for a swim! 🏊‍♂️

Question, please boost: I am looking for accounts to follow which focus on African affairs from an African perspective, whether personal accounts by journalist, activists etc., or news portals, independent news outlets as well as sciency ones, political science ones, think tanks etc.

Happy #MakeMusicDay / #WorldMusicDay!

Do any #MusicMakers have anything planned, or simply some music to promote?

Maybe you fancy having a go at a #MastoRemix (or have some some source material)?

No need for polish, just have fun! Check my silly go at a @MalteHollmann's #SixtySecondsSounds piece at where we discussed the idea.

Whatever it is, I'd love to see my timeline filled with great #music today ! 🔈 🎶


#MusicProduction #music #MastoMusicMakers

Oh, before I forget! If anyone uses this and creates something new out of it, I'd be happy to see/hear the results. Use for any kind of art derived from this!

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Einen wunderschönen Montag, liebes Fediverse! Episode 11, eine swingige Klavierimprovisation. Lizenz: CC0, keine Rechte vorbehalten, gemeinfrei! Tut euch keinen Zwang an und nutzt es wie ihr mögt!

A wonderful monday to you, dear Fediverse! Sixty Seconds Sounds episode 11, a swingy piano improvisation. License: CC0, no rights reserved, public domain! Feel free to use, get inspired by, whatever you like!

Always wanted to do this classic candle-in-the-dark image, so here it is in

I finally dropped my too careful attitude about the amount of pigment I put on the paper and the process is so much more satisfying!

Put on some music to draw to. Recommended listening: Richard Thompson, Acoustic Classics 1 and 2. Now playing: Genesis Hall

What started as a warm-up drawing ended in Wonderland. Let's see where the journey goes.

Wenn ihr #Neuhier seit im Fediverse, wie habt ihr den Empfang empfunden?

Brilliant ! 👏👏


"Apart from these what has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us? ... Peace in Northern Ireland"

Excellent sketch by Patrick Stewart on the importance of the ECHR and its role in NI


Hab mal diese schöne Fotografie von @leah in Ölpastellen verewigt! Danke für die Inspiration! Für's Original einfach dem Link folgen!

I used this beautiful photograph by Leah to make an sketch. Thanks for the inspiration! Follow the link to the original!

I just realised I like my own art a lot better when looking at it from far away! 😂

Guten Morgen! Good morning!

Starting the day transcribing the saxophone melody of 'Careless whisper' for a student of mine 😀 Enjoy with me!

It's monday and therefor time for part 10. A soft and contemplative piece of piano music with some funny tensions. Licensed , no rights reserved, public domain. Use as inspiration for your own art, sample, remix, do whatever you like with it!

I wonder if I could find here a violinist interested in playing and recording this track:

Please contact me if you'd be willing to collaborate on this piece! Thank you in advance!

Boosts very much appreciated, thank you 🙇

#FediMusic #musiccollaborations #originalCompositions #violin #folk

CW for eye contact with mythical creatures 

Months ago I started to mess around with black and white on toned paper. The scribbles turned into archaic looking mythical creatures. I came up with a little worldbuilding scenario. Nothing definite, some loose thoughts about archaeologists finding paintings on the inside of caves. I remembered them and started to use them as practice for digital. I'd be interested what other people see in them. So feel free to comment on them.

Hier ein Auszug einer Mail, die ich neulich bekam.

Meldet euch an, es lohnt sich wirklich!

Aufruf für den SPRING OUT 2022.
Wundervolle Trainer aus London werden [...] zu uns kommen. Seid dabei und laßt Hannovers LindySzene aufblühen!

[...]wir kämpfen für den Fortbestand der Hannoverschen WorkShop-Szene, die durch die lange Zeit Corona sehr gelitten hat[...] wir brauchen erstmals noch händeringend Teilnehmer!

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