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super quick doodle i did last night bc i decided i wanted roshan to have a tattoo of a raven wing on his shoulder bc apparently hes going to have a raven motif now?

My first watercolor ever. This turned out better than I expected. This is an interesting and capricious medium.

Character is Rose

Just started uploading Sycras old public videos here @sycramirror

As explained in a video below, he is worried about his channel being taken down from random claims and old videos so he allows people to share it.

it is all explained in this video:

Rediscovering art I feel like watching his paintings in my childhood might influence my winter months illustrations for 2018 Calendar...


This is a very limited view of my art summary for the year!! If you wanna see more of what I did this year (including practice and things I never showed elsewhere) you can take a peek at the more comprehensive list here:

Here's to a productive and inspired 2019, y'all! Keep being excellent!


Almost forgot - a peaceful little painting/doodle from ArtRage last night while I was trying to soothe the mind-beast.

hiya! my name is madison (they/them or he/him) but you can call me mads or ace!! you might know me as jazzymads on .social, and this is just where i'll be posting my art! nice to meet you all :)

Happy new years mastodon!

Last piece of 2018 wooo!

and since it's the end of the year here's a comparison to a piece from December of last year.

Aaand a second day like this. But tomorrow's gonna be some drawing :) yesssss

[mmm, coffee...]

Attention artists I was told about another awesome deal

this link gives you 10gigabytes of tuts and such at absolutely no cost. Normally 100$.

Same dude told me about this as the wootha tutorials for anyone who remembers, so credit where it's due, follow this dude's artstation:

Not only does he find these crazy deals but he's also really good.

I know I'm a day late(technically) but I just finished this in honour of self-portrait day.

Lot of fun considering I've only done enviroments!

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