Woah I haven't posted here in a while.

Here's some studies, all aimed for 30mins but some ran 10ish mins longer.

Happy new years mastodon!

Last piece of 2018 wooo!

and since it's the end of the year here's a comparison to a piece from December of last year.

I know I'm a day late(technically) but I just finished this in honour of self-portrait day.

Lot of fun considering I've only done enviroments!

Rough colour sketch I did tonight. 1h45m from thumbnail ideation to this level of finish.

what's this?
A time-lapse video?

I do these time-lapses for my own viewing quite a bit to check out how my process is going. Quite a useful tool.
You can see quite a bit of fiddling with the value structure due to not solving the problems fully in the thumbnail phase.

A little sketch I did tonight. Took maybe an hour and a half.

To be honest I've not learned about anatomy so most of that time was spend drawing the arm, heh.

Hey mastodon people I'm new here, and I like drawing environments. I also like the band mastodon so I'm obviously meant to be here.

I aspire to be a concept artist one day.

I mostly spend my time drilling fundamentals, trying to get better.

I've been drawing/painting since about 2014 but I never really took it seriously(doing all the not so fun practice) until this year.

Here is some of my art.

and I was told to put:

See ya around.


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