My first watercolor ever. This turned out better than I expected. This is an interesting and capricious medium.

Character is Rose

@MoonstruckEye That's a fantastic first attempt!

Watercolour has some of the coolest effects of any medium, in my opinion.

I love/hate watercolour because it's so good at forcing you to think through the entire process before putting down even your first mark. It's like holding up a truth mirror xD

I get what you mean! I try to have a global idea before I start painting even when I do digital, but with watercolor it's a whole new level!

Oh and thanks for the share <3 :)



I recommend picking up some opaque white gouache to use with watercolours ala Nathan Fowkes/Marco Bucci. It's handy to be able to mix with the watercolour to make it more opaque when necessary and it works pretty well for bringing some white back in. especially useful when sketching from life!

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