I'm back! Sorry for the break. I absolutely died and dissolved and was reforged. Others call it going through being sick and moving places (temporarily), but doesn't the first one sound more...exciting?

How have you been? I missed you!

Un dessin réalisé pour l'anniversaire d'une amie. J'en suis assez fière !
Il a été imprimé en A3 sur papier photo, ça rendait pas mal du tout ! 😄
#art #mastoart

in fact is word of the (yester)day XD but there's none today, at least not yet
@Algot brings the words

mmm mhhm mm -

fresh air and a bit of exercise
a regimen everyone should devise

Ghost #bird. I did this some time ago.
I like eerie creatures even though I am not really good at depicting them, but I try my best 🐦 This one is supposed to be part of a story which I know how it starts and how it ends, but there is not much in between as to now 😄

#art #digitalart #mastoart

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