ok I'm an idiot and forgot to try and get this one earlier, but I'm looking to commission some art of my #DnD group

3 - 6 characters, scenery, full colour, ideally 11x17 with dynamic poses. How do I shop for this?

Boosts welcome

Master said "kill but don't move"

another version / support me:

Hello everyone, it is I Magshen,
im a youth worker / graphic designer by day and a concept art student by night, aspiring to be a concept artist in the near future, decided to start posting my art stuffs into mastodon aswell here from out. so... heres one, ill post more stuff soon.

I let myself scribble-doodle-sketch away from the computer last night - no references, and only the mind & some background anime as inspiration.

A page like this would usually upset me, I'd deem it 'crap', and just get angry. But this time, that didn't happen. And to prove to myself I'm OK with it, I'm posting the page here too.

It's OK to not be perfect. It's OK for failure or goofs or just playing around. It's okay to just have fun, to get ideas.

💨 Still mesmerized by smoke simulation in . This time I've tried to make a kinda heavy thick smoke, still rendered.

Woah I haven't posted here in a while.

Here's some studies, all aimed for 30mins but some ran 10ish mins longer.

The Lagoon Nebula is a star formation region in Sagittarius. It is a region of hydrogen that is glowing due to the stars inside it exciting the gas. The dark globs are Bok globules where stars are being formed. #astrophoto

Quick sketch I made a few days ago based on rando photos I took.

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