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I made a little thing trying to explain a couple things about perspective that I've ripped my hair out over in the past. It's probably not 100% accurate but these rules of thumb have helped me a tonne. Maybe it'll help one of you fine people as well.

Been thinking of developing this character a bit, could be a cool dude to try out with a test d&d type comic.

Also, thinking of joining Instagram pretty soon to get more of a reach for my art and then hopefully drag more people here. I don't know though.

Hey how's everyone!

I had few minutes finally today so I sat and drew this pine.

Asked on my Patreon for characters to draw, and this was the result~

Vivi (Final Fantasy IX) and Bruni (Frozen II)

:patreon: patreon.com/ORO8ORO

Empty factory room corner with open windows. Probably black fountain pen, drawn by my robot.

I've been trying to focus on brushwork and edges lately with my studies. Always found it among the most difficult fundamentals.

What are your brushwork woes, and what tips helped you to overcome them?

❤️ Focal Fossa 20.04 LTS ❤️ is out NOW.

Congratulations #ubuntu. I hope everybody at #Canonical is focusing on partying! You deserve it big time.


#art #illustration #krita #mastoart

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