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"In my world there would be as many public libraries as there are Starbucks." - Henry Rollins

Thanks to those that came to my stream and watched me draw a banana slug X)

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Hilda style commission for @Peppdurr@twitter.com :)

Opening up for one flat colored headshot commission, $30

Reply to claim :)

Reminder about my Telegram channel!

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Starting a Telegram channel for art and whatnot :)


Forcing myself to learn/use Inkscape for vector graphics after years of having Illustrator beat into me is... hard

Brown paper commission for @CinderCollie@twitter.com

🔥 "This is fine..."

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So, I've been encouraged to start streaming art (again). I haven't done it in... at least 5 years and everything's so different now X)

If you'd like to watch me work I'll be live Thursday (1/7) at 7p ET, maybe make this a weekly thing

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Commission for @CybrneticFennec@twitter.com. He wanted something like my 'Chasing Memories' piece

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