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💖 8K raffle! 💖

Prize will be a chibi sketch, examples reflect the style/coloring but lines will be more sketchy!

🍰Raffle ends: 17 jan, 10pm CET

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✨Reply with a SFW ref of your character & their fav food/drink
✨No raffle/giveaway accounts!

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It’s been ages since my last raffle, so here we go!! Thanks so much everyone for your support 💕

Winner will receive a full body chibi 💖

⚡️ RT + Follow to enter! ⚡️

Ends 10th February

Playing around with some cool colored lead pencils Pawnce got me for Christmas

Couple doodles for @Sarakazi@twitter.com because it's her birthday :)

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“Winter Walk” - gouache. 🐺

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Totally 100% innocent wholesome doggies by @Mahrkale@twitter.com

Current mood: F you foot

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Had x-rays yesterday with minimal improvement so I saw a podiatrist today. He didn't have much to say other than 'baby it', he's fine with me continuing to be in a stable shoe. Recheck in 4 weeks twitter.com/HybridInTheory/sta

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I am open for commissions to be done for the 2nd half of January! Order form is below. RTs greatly appreciated! docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

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Goodbye 2019! It's time for a


♻️ To enter: FOLLOW, RT and COMMENT with refs or a character description
🎉 1 WINNER will get a portrait like the examples below (theme/background at my discretion, but ideas are welcome!)
📆 Ends Jan. 3 @ midnight PST

I missed the last of the decade, so how about . Boyne at MFF '10, a few months after I had gotten him

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⭐️Art Raffle ⭐️
Want to try doing more rough painterly style pictures, so doing an end of year raffle!

One prize default, +1 per 500 RT

✴️Follow Me (no raffle-only accounts)
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✴️Reply with a ref and mood (fanart okay)

Closes Dec 31, 2019, 11:59 PM PST

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