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Its and I can finally share this piece with you guys 👀🐺

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Made a batch of paw print decals this morning from the two newest holo colors: Sunset Violet Purple and Orchid Purple. This vinyl is difficult to get good photos of. They are very reflective and show different colors at all different angles.

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.@HuskersHusky@twitter.com in some traditional Norwegian clothing (bunad)

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So I am genuinely curious. Who are some of your favorite fandom photographers? Why are they your favorite? Content? Amount? Certain style? Ease of finding photos? Please RT and let other people see it so they can comment. I really would like I big response/reach on this.

Had a cool fabric banner made for my table as I slowly start to get ready to sell at cons again

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I did an attack on @Mahrkale@twitter.com for Art Fight

Available for a flat colored headshot like this. $30
Reply or DM to claim

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Headshot for @HuskersHusky@twitter.com

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Playing with gouache between projects
Ft. @PawncePuma@twitter.com and @Peppdurr@twitter.com

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Hella cool Fullbody for @Dragonfireny@twitter.com as a gift for a friend!
This uniform it’s just so fun to draw 🏈

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Featuring @FuzzyRedBull@twitter.com
For Roby

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