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Idk about this whole club thing but I do pilot a conscious meat body that happens to do art sometimes. feel free to throw it at your eyeballs if you like.

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Attack for @Mahrkale@twitter.com!

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Tiv strikes back!... My revenge on Mahrkale in art fight >)

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Counterattacks/revenge images for artfight!
Feat. characters belonging to @sennamatic@twitter.com @fwipination@twitter.com MonenTheArtist & @Mahrkale@twitter.com


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Art fight attacks for @Mahrkale@twitter.com @colorstormx@twitter.com @stuffbydelle@twitter.com and another user.


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Just finished these crow avatars for @birdboybeats@twitter.com! πŸ‘“πŸŽΆ
His work remixes cute bird songs into great upbeat music!

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i made this animal to contribute to the atla universe i feel like he’d fit in well

Another painterly one for @lassieshero@twitter.com :)

Extra special

It's Boyne's 10th birthday! I can't thank @mixedcandy@twitter.com enough for creating such a quality suit :)

Photos: @/PhotoVarmint

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Time for my weekly, hopefully-not-too-annoying reminder that I am open for commissions. The link will take you to my catalog, where you can see samples and pricing. If something strikes your fancy you can order direct from there. artnab.net/?link=catalog&id=27

Somebunny wanted a Pride/Pan piece similar to my 'Colors'. For @JacentRabbit@twitter.com :)

Going to try participating in @theartfight@twitter.com this July, hopefully it'll get my art mojo flowing

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