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I'm Jourdan, and I'm a teenage gal that is super into Yokai Watch and draws a lot of fanart for it! BenNek is love, BenNek is life💖

(Note: I also draw fanart for stuff like Pop'n Music from time to time, YW is just my biggest special interest at the moment)

What am I doing wrong?

Should I just leave this site? 'Cause my stuff barely gets anywhere here.

Maybe I oughta add more tags or something. I dunno, I'm just frustrated with so many things, including this.

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My mood is in the shitter, but here's some LobCorp fanart I made.

1. Springtime Wall Gazer and Forsaken Murderer

2. Meat Day with Little Red Mercenary and Freischutz (+ Laetitia)

3. Puffy from NiGHTS into Dreams + Training Standard Dummy Rabbit

4. Alt. version of 3


Everyone's favorite hypocrite, Parasite Tree!

This was originally going to be part of a larger piece, but I decided to make this its own individual piece. Even going as far as to make an alternate version (right)

Tfw you're the only person on this site who posts Lobotomy Corporation and Pop'n Music fanart.

(Seriously, the only things in the and tags are my fanworks)

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Also, here's a couple of drawings I made.

The first one is of a yokai called "Amabie", a three-legged mermaid who can heal peoples' sickness when a picture of her is shown.

The second one is of Miku from Pop'n Music, made in honor of "Miku Day". ...But clearly, she wasn't the Miku everyone was celebrating.


Some ladies I've had in my head and decided to draw. None of them have actual names as of now, but I hope you enjoy.

1. A witch of sorts

2. A "bathtub mermaid" with seafoam for hair

3. Moon rabbit girl


Kokorokurokubi is a pun on “kokoro” (心), meaning “heart”, and "rokurokubi" (ろくろ首)

"Noraburikurari" is a pun on Ben Tover's Japanese name, Norarikurari (のらりくらり), and the Japanese pronunciation of "lovely" (らぶり/ラブリー, raburii)

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Noraburikurari (のらぶりくらり)

Tribe: Eerie
Rank: A

“Ben Tover, having an interest in cross-dressing, put on a cute lolita dress for Valentine’s Day, and is planning on spending the day with his girlfriend, Lady Longnek. Something else he likes is the plentiful amount of chocolates that Longnek’s personally prepared for him, and you can even see some of it smeared on his mouth if you look closely.”

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Kokorokurokubi (こころくろ首)

Tribe: Slippery
Rank: A

“Lady Longnek dons a cute kimono-styled dress for a Valentine’s outing with her lovely boyfriend. When the time comes, she hands him specially-made chocolates as a token of love for him.”

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For Valentine's, I made variants of my Yokai Watch OTP, Ben Tover and Lady Longnek.

They're called "Noraburikurari" (left) and "Kokorokurokubi" (right).

[Info in the thread]


"Once upon a time, there was a lady who lived on the moon. Her greatest desire was to visit the big blue star that shone down upon the Sea of Tranquility she inhabited..."

partial nudity, body horror 


So, here's a page filled with concepts for some of the boss ideas for a video game I thought of, called "Journey of Dreams".

There are more bosses I have in mind, and some of them, like Harlequeen's minions, are still unnamed, but here's just a few.

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