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I'm Jourdan, and I'm a teenage gal that is super into Yokai Watch and draws a lot of fanart for it! BenNek is love, BenNek is life💖

(Note: I also draw fanart for stuff like Pop'n Music from time to time, YW is just my biggest special interest at the moment)

🎩 [] 🌨️

And to end the year/decade, I drew Onnanoko!

This was originally meant to be a redraw of some older Onnanoko fanart, but it kind of turned into its own thing.

For comparison's sake, here's the original fanart in question. I've improved quite a bit, didn't I?

I redrew a piece of fanart I made for Pop'n Music's Rachel back in 2017.

May have gone overboard with the effects, but I think I've managed to turn out a decent product, overall.

🎅🐸 Santa Toadal Dude x Holy Night Mermadonna 🎄🧜‍♀️

My first drawing for this ship, and it's a Chrimbus drawing. Not that that's a bad thing.

Santa Whisper has come to town! I swear, Yumiko makes some great femboys.

Guess you could consider this my early Christmas gift.

(Insomni's not too pleased, it seems)

Ok, so I dunno how often I'm gonna be on here anymore, if at all. I don't really care for this site, nor do people really care for the stuff I post on it, so...

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Here's the Knight of Despair!
And with that, I've drawn all three magical girls!

(With and without text)

"With her hope to return to dust, she will return to the soil with everything that desire to live..."

Alriune from

Dream of a Black Swan is one of my favorite abnormalities in , so of course I had to draw her. She's actually quite pretty

Some fanart for that I made recently. Barely got any attention on all the other websites I'm on, so I'm pretty much posting these here as a last resort

In order:

1. The Child of Galaxy 🌌
2. The King of Greed 👑
3. Laetitia 💟

Here he is, my femboyfriend Casanuva/Motemacool!

I was gonna draw Frostina instead, but I didn't have the motivation for that.

A Maritime Pearly White variant I conjured up since Level-5 nor Gungho are gonna give me that content of her anytime soon.

She's called "Nautical Hamigaki-Fujin"

Grubbles/Kibandoll from

She didn't get that much attention first time I drew her. Maybe she'll get it the second time around?

Supermanager x Dr. Francy is a cute ship, so I wanted to make something for it. I think the heights might be a tiny bit off, but whatevs.

Sergeant Slug/Namekuji-gunso

As a lover of snails and slugs, I find this guy kinda cute.

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