Redesign of Jessica in term of hair style and outfit. Information about her has been updated.

Its parody based on that Tails hoodie. It was removed because some people got offend over little things. Damn I want that hoodie. So I parody it as Dusty.

As a celebration for reaching 300 followers on Twitter and Deviantart. Leopold leading the 300 Spartans to Thermopylae.

I want to do this parody before the challenge. So I made my version of Mona Lisa, Susan as Mona Lisa.

I change the hair style for Jessica. I haven't draw her for a while, so I want to switch it up more often.

I usually don't political but I cannot stay silent any longer. I heard the news that Ukraine was invaded. Vlady gets sucker punched by Dusty. I feel sorry for the people of Ukraine and Russia having to suffer because of Putin action. Beware of misinformation, it got more rampant these days. I worry for Taiwan because I am afraid what CCP goons might do next.

Long live liberty, down with tyranny.

Slava Ukraini

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