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Blacke_Art @MJBlacke

And it's finished! Or, as finished as it's gonna get, at any rate, I'm sure I could find a dozen or fifty little spots I've missed or things to tweak.

Anyway, after sitting on my freakin' hard drive at 90% finished for months and months, I finally got my butt in gear and got my big ol' octopus buddy done.

Feels good, man.


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@MJBlacke Omg. If I had the money I'd totally buy this as a print!

@MJBlacke I would love to purchase a print of this for my apartment. Is that an option/available?

@chuck Wow, thanks! I'll be posting it up on Redbubble soon, I'll link and tag you when it's available.

@MJBlacke Awesome! This would make a spectacular tattoo.

Really sweet (in both metaphorical senses of the word) - story time with gramps.

@MJBlacke that it really fucking great! Would also like to know when this is available as print :3

@MJBlacke @fidgety Reminds me of One Monster After Another, which was my favorite book as a very young age.