Oh, and while I've got my art brain on, here's a fella I finally decided I'm done with. Decided to leave his mane rough'n'shaggy, in part out of laziness, in part out of the fact that I don't want to wait a week (or more, thanks to summer humidity) every time I add a new slop of colour.

So: Have a rainbow lion :D

AAAHHHH 🦁♥️ Love the saturated colors on this (and the subject, of course).


@guephren What can I say, big'n'bright makes me happy 😁 Thanks so much! 💖

@MJBlacke Um... this is incredible and I feel weird even asking, but do you ever sell your work/make prints of it? Because you sort of painted my dream piece of art here. 🙈

@ScreenTestOfTime omg thanks so much! And yep, there'll definitely be prints :D

I'm going to let him dry for a week or two before I do photos, so there's no shine from wet paint to mess it up. I try to do proper reproduction photos so it's not just a snapshot, but as accurate as I can get it to the original. Once that's done I'll have it up on my redbubble:

I'll try to remember to post a link on here once it's up ;)

@MJBlacke Thank you! My last name means warrior lion, and I am obsessed with them, AND our living room is teal with yellow and deep coral red accents, so it feels like this was made for my apartment! It’s GORGEOUS.

@ScreenTestOfTime Oh wow, I love that - must be one hell of a name! And here I almost didn't post that pic yesterday 😅 Must be fate!

Thanks so much for your kind words, it means the world to know that folks like my stuff 💖 😊

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