Hi all! Sooo... I was a wee bit ill (by a wee bit I mean holy freaking heck soooo goddamn sick ow) the last couple of weeks, and sick = not doing nuthin' = I'm running low on $$$ to fend off the ravenous bill monsters.

I ain't the sort to ask for donations at times like this (loads of folks need it more) but I do have some arty stuff to offload, if any y'all might be interested. Hence, a quick lil' advertising thread incoming, boosts much and eternally appreciated 💖

First up! I illustrated some books a while ago, and I've still got copies sitting on my shelves. Only a few of Duck Duck Goose and Adorable Alice left, but I just got a big box of Hermione Anemones from the publisher :D

I figure $15 each is probably fair? I can drop as low as $10 if you'd like more than one :)


I've been doing a bunch of test prints as I'm gearing up to start selling prints properly, trying to get everything sorted... so I've got a bunch of A4 sized prints on my wall (not pinned through the paper), all of which could use a new home :)

They're on fairly thick matte photo paper, say... $10?

The oil paintings are for sale too, but they're a) expensive and b) a big expensive pain in the butt to ship. But hey, if you're rolling in money just say :P

And last, the lil' watercolours I've been playing with. As these are originals I figure they'd go for a wee bit more.

They're A6 (1.4x5.8 inches, roughly) on nice thick watercolour paper, I figure $25 each is fair.

All are available except the pug, which is promised to my brother's fiancee, who is abso-bloody-lutely pug-nutty.

I've also got these scanned in and can turn them into prints if anyone's interested.

Here endeth the shameless self-advertisement.


...except I do kinda have a patreon too, which I've been horribly slack at updating but have set a goal to update at least twice a week from here on out 😅

Perks start at $1 with downloadable colouring pages.

Right. That's it. I'm done. No more. Sorry. Thanks. Love you guys 💖 😳

Your located in Australia right? So shipping to Germany would probably be pretty expensive?

@sandzwerg Yeah, shipping rates kinda suck for us down here. If you let me know what you're interested in I could run a quick check to find out how much it'd be to ship.

@MJBlacke Bear in the Blue Bowler Bothered by a Bird While reading a Book... I would like this, or a print if it already sold.

@MJBlacke Those kitties are begging to be a print. Great contrast, but both are so charming!

@AesAthena 😊 Thanks! I scanned them in at a nice high res so I'll be able to make prints of 'em up to A4/letter page size :D

My mum is insisting I turn all the watercolours into greeting cards, too 🤔 Might have to look in to that...

@MJBlacke If you haven't already, look into drop shipping over Zazzle or RedBubble, you should be able to keep more profit that way but still not have to print and ship them yourself. Here's a good tweet about it.

@aldersprig Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun on that one, I think it shows 😅

@MJBlacke know what these paintings are all really good!! If I wasn't like the opposite of rolling in money I'd totally get some

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