I have a soft spot in my heart for rhinos. For many reasons, including the amount of time I've spent on stage dressed like one:


@RussSharek πŸ˜† oh that's just brilliant! I love it! ...and I sorta want to paint/draw it... πŸ€”

That photo alone makes me want to see the show, whatever it was it looks like it was fun. Dammit, I miss doing theatre 😭


I would LOVE to see a painting of Le Bete, or Rhino (his more comical version). I'd be happy to give you an annoying amount of photo and video reference.

As for seeing the act, I'm in the process of editing some video. Should have it online relatively soon.

@RussSharek Oh cool, I'll keep an eye out for the vid, I'd definitely like to see that!

...now as for that painting... dammit, don't tempt me πŸ˜… What looks like a fun, expressive character and all the references i can handle? Lawdy, that's the sort of project I love. I'm a bit too broke to take on one just for fun right at the moment (yay, the life of a starving artist!) but at the same time... I wanna. Hm.


What would the material cost be? I'm not made of money either, but perhaps we could figure something out to allow you to keep creating.


For that matter, what's your commission rate look like? Maybe we can fund it properly somehow.

@RussSharek It's a bit tricky for me to give exact rates because every painting's a bit different and I'm still figuring a few things out as to where I want to go as an artist...

To give an idea, the rhino is on a 24x30" canvas and I was hoping to put it in a gallery for sale around AUD $600-$800

material costs are $50-$100 depending on a few factors (size, paper vs canvas etc), but it's more time than anything; the average piece takes a few days, a very detailed pic can take weeks.

@RussSharek Normally I just talk it through, once I know what someone's looking for and I have the scope of a project I can start to narrow things down a bit, price-wise.

That said, I'm afraid I have to abandon this conversation for the moment; it's 6am here and I haven't been to bed yet πŸ˜… I'm a wee bit exhausted but I'd love to chat later if you're still interested 😊


That I'm sure of, and you deserve to be compensated for that time.

Crazy random idea to think about: what if we kick started the cost of materials and some of your time in exchange for prints of the original? The original could make it into the gallery locally, and I bet there are more than a few people online (myself included) who could pay for a print to support the creation of the original.

@RussSharek That's definitely an idea... I'm actually going to be looking into the costs of getting pieces professionally scanned for giclee prints in the next couple of days as I've had a few people asking about prints recently.

I've not used kickstarter or such before, and I don't have a big audience yet - so I'm not sure how well it'd work (I've always struggled a bit with self-promotion πŸ˜…), but I'd be happy to look into it as an option πŸ™‚


Get the info together and let's talk. From what I've seen, mastodon users are supporters of mastodon creators. Between us, we may have enough friends willing to help you make a cool idea happen.

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