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Blacke_Art @MJBlacke

Still chuggin' away on this one... but it's getting there. Not sure if I've made the wall too dark; funny thing, in Photoshop it looks fine, but all the dark tones become a bit more vibrant/darker when I just open the .jpg. Hmmm... 🤔

Anyway, tonight's task is to finish texturing Pudge the croc and his mum at the very least. We'll see how far I get after that.

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@shmibs @MJBlacke I would say color profiles rather than just gamma

@aaribaud @shmibs

Did a little google-fu:

If I'm reading that right, adobe's idea of RBG is desaturated, but sRGB shows up as more vibrant; I saved as just "RGB" mode in photoshop but it's showing up as sRGB in the jpg's image properties, so I guess that's what's causing it 🤔

@MJBlacke @Algot
Dear gods (deer gods) but this is _astonishingly_ good. I love your humour … but the expressions on all the faces make it.