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New post up on my Patreon - download colouring pages/wallpapers!

Seriously, I have to say a big, explosive THANKYOU SO DAMN MUCH to all who've signed up so far. Art can be lonely and hard, and that people appreciate it enough to even pledge $1 means the world to me right now.

Y'all're awesome.

Also, it's the end of the first month - there's a bonus for every $ pledged until the 30th. If you can help at all, $ or boosts, now is the best time πŸ’–

Playing with the camera, just taking glamour shots of my lil cacti/succulent collection for funsies and to see how my new lighting gear works.

Not getting anything even close to gallery-worthy as I'm just taking pot shots at whatever's close to hand, while still learning the ins-and-outs of this camera, but...

Oooh baby. This is full-blown awesomepants, even if the shots are meh. Photography is FUN, yo. I fear I may be developing an addiction.

Just watched the latest episode of .

Damn. Just... damn 😭

Is it a thing for some people to be more naturally prone to static buildup than others?

Like, come winter I get zapped - sometimes painfully - nearly every time I touch a metal surface, but no-one in my family has that problem.

And today, I picked up a lightbulb (one of those coiled fluorescent ones, but a big on used for photography lighting) got zapped, and actually turned the damn thing on for a second o_O

My softboxes arrived! If I wanna use my new camera for shooting my paintings, I'mma need decent lighting, and I found 2 these for $50 on ebay (to buy the exact same set at a *discount* photography shop in my city would be $200; and that was the only place I found that had softboxes anywhere NEAR that price range, most were 100s more).

So they're cheap, and flimsy, but they'll frickin' do for now - so tonight is set aside for camera play :D :D Just need to find stuff to shoot πŸ€”

Suffering from a real bad case of dΓ©jΓ -drew.

Been working on this digital piece for aaages and suddenly realised I'd already drawn the same damn thing back in 2012 πŸ˜… Went digging through my archive and ...there it is. I guess I unwittingly made my own "draw it again" progress meme, lol.

Not that I mind drawing it again; monster pals and a good book are my happy place 😁

Well, gonna try another stream. This is just troubleshooting again - I'm trying out a new internet connection that's hopefully a bit faster, so actual video goes out instead of lagging so much it's basically a still image.

So I'mma paint and listen to a lil instrumental music; don't have a mic/webcam yet but I'll be keeping an eye on the text chat ;)

If you'd like to watch along, clicky below, and plz let me know if it's working!

So I got my hands on a camera to start making reproduction shots of my oil paintings, but I'm still waiting on a few lighting bits to arrive before I can get started on that particular project.

In the meantime, I need to really get into figuring out the finer details of this camera.

Also, the local supermarket was selling lily plants for, like, $10, and the first flower just opened.

SO: time for a little fun with the macro lens :D :D

Huh, just spent 10 min chatting with a rep from a phone/internet provider.

Got more help asking a question to the brilliant folks on here than I did from them. To be fair I'm sure they're being pushed to sell, sell, sell with only bare-bones knowledge of the products - but still, I'm glad I have y'all πŸ’–

Quick question for the gorgeous tech nerds out there:

Internet speeds where I am are crap (my ADSL2 runs 2mbps down, <1mbps up), and as I'm looking at doing some streaming that ain't gonna cut it.

Mobile broadband (4G network) seems to have better speeds & it sounds like I can just get a mobile broadband plan on top of my phone plan, and use my phone as a hotspot, scrapping modems altogether.

Good idea? Crap idea? Might there be issues I haven't spotted yet?

Thanks! πŸ’– πŸ’–

It's creeping towards summer here in Australialand, which means in short order we'll be having long, humid, sticky, sweaty days with sunshine hot enough to melt the roads.

It also means we're getting into mango season.

Worth. It.

Wow. Just painted for an hour, letting Twitch stream in the background.

According to the dashboard... less than 2 minutes of streaming actually happened. OBS lists 65 "dropped frame" alerts.

My internet speed/connection is its own special level of shite :<

Ah well, gonna give a stream a go, still working on the last pic I tooted. Still basic, can't do much more than stream with some music and text chat as I'm lacking some equipment for now.

If anyone checks in, could you please let me know just how consistent the stream actually is? it's difficult to tell from my end if what's going out is choppy and freezing to the point of unwatchable because my internet speed is so rubbish.

Much thanks πŸ’–

Playing about with streaming a bit of arting on twitch again... but my internet connection is just... so... damn... ... ...

Not a whole lot can be done about that I guess -_- Apparently Australia just has crap internet in general... and the "super fast" (read: mediocre by world standards) national broadband network the politicians have all been crowing about won't come to my area for another *checks calender* year at least.


Chipping away at this digital piece again, sloo-o-ooowly, while I wait for my oil painting to dry.

I keep finding myself going back and repainting bits of this one that I've already painted, which I guess is a good thing as it means I'm fixing whoopsies. But mostly, the whole thing is just an exercise in being chill, relaxing and and working it out a tiny bit at a time - so it's slow, but it's fun ^_^

I'm mildly tipsy and in a good mood and lookin' for people to follow. I need to expand my circle a bit, so... recommendations?

Doesn't need to be art related (tho awesome artists are always good!) Just looking for awesome folks 😊

Been slopping paint on canvas again. This fella's now a wee bit closer to being done.

I'mma let him rest for a day, then come back and fix the whoopsies, I think.

Dammit, those last two toots have made my brain bubble over with ideas for a picture book...

I guess tonight's for writing 😁

The goat->sheep (geep?) in question. He's a cute fella, but difficult as hell to photograph given that he's so black; most pics I took of him are just silhouettes except for his lil white booty.

It's also mildly distressing to sit at dinner, feel something at your leg and look down to see nothing but bulging eyes and teeth embedded in the darkness - he likes to pull faces at people because sheep, apparently, have no damn manners.

So goes the tale of Baa-sil the Geep.

Lol, just found out that one of the baby goats that my dad adopted isn't... actually a goat πŸ˜† Even the VET got it wrong.

Seems lil Basil is actually Baa-sil - he's a lil black sheep (mostly - he's got a white booty)

Funny thing is, I asked when they first got the lil fella and weren't sure, "does he have a long wiggly tail" - that's the key (sheep have long wigglies, goats have short sticky-uppies) - I was dismissed as dumb, but, I guess they're all feeling a bit *ahem* /sheep/ish now... πŸ‘

HA. So the camera works, and it works GOOOD πŸ˜† Test print is a success!

This is with no lighting rig besides the ceiling light and a nearby floor lamp (daylight bulbs as I art at night), 10 min digitally merging 4 shots, and even though it needs work it's MILES better than my scanner; the detail's there, and colours are pretty much true.

I dithered a bit because this camera's quite an expense for me. Glad I went for it. Just gotta fix the lighting and I think I'm there :D

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