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Hi! So I figured I'd pin a toot to my profile with all my relevant links for you stalkers out there 😜


And if you're an incredibly super-awesome-fantastic person, with a little extra cash who'd like to support my arting πŸ’–πŸ˜Š
Buy prints:
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Right, so, wow, I'm a little in awe of the response I've gotten to this pic. Thanks so much you guys! πŸ’– 😊 πŸ’–

A couple of people have asked where to get prints so I hastily shoved it up on Redbubble; everything from stickers to journals to phone cases to... well, they do a lot of stuff. So, link below:


So... I bin absent πŸ˜“ There are times that I get myself into a big ol' funk and I tend to withdraw, not make art, avoid social media and just generally sit around being all sad n'stuff.

But I have a fix, of sorts. It's called "sit down and make stuff". So I cleaned out my lil studio, then made a big ol mess scrubbing out some quick oil portraits. Just finished this lady, and I'm feeling real good for the first time in a while 😊


Yo! I did the lineart for this one, and started colouring, but wasn't having any joy as my brain is too busy with other stuff. So I stopped.

But I don't like waste, SO: I've posted high-res files of the lineart (JPG, PSD and PNG, latter 2 have clear background) for :cc_cc: :cc_nc_us: download -

Color away, if ye like it, & let me know how it goes 😁Plz boost if you think any friends might like to try!


Don't know if y'all're interested, but on the off chance anyone would like a print, I tossed Pudge and his mummy up on Redbubble too:

(if not, please boost- every little bit helps me make a little bit more art πŸ˜ŠπŸ™)



...ish. I mean, it's "done" in the sense that it's all coloured in and shaded, but "ish" in the sense that there's a bucketload of lil whoopsies and things I really should fix but oh well it's 3am and my eyes feel mushy.

So... it's done.




Yay! Someone wants me to illustrate a book!

Oh...the budget is $500-700 for 25 pages (no mention of cover, or endpapers- there's always more work than you think.)

So... at best $20-30/page, when a page could take anywhere from 4-10hrs, because my art is sorta complex. I'm just plain bad at keeping it simple. And that's not factoring in stuff like the initial character design work or editing.

blerg 🀨 Jobs that underpay are depression fuel. Last book I worked on paid $3k, by comparison.


Still chuggin' away on this one... but it's getting there. Not sure if I've made the wall too dark; funny thing, in Photoshop it looks fine, but all the dark tones become a bit more vibrant/darker when I just open the .jpg. Hmmm... πŸ€”

Anyway, tonight's task is to finish texturing Pudge the croc and his mum at the very least. We'll see how far I get after that.


Progress! Slapped some colours and shading over the fish and they're... well, they're not *happy*, per se, but they're looking a lot less flat and meh.


Fun fact: In Mad Max, Fury Road, when Immortan Joe's War Boys launch themselves into battle and spray their teeth with "chrome", it's *actually* Wilton's edible Colour Mist spray glitter. For the record, it smells like cheap vodka. If all goes well, it'll make my chocolates all shiny and chrome.



No time to art today... Tis my dad's birthday tomorrow, so for the next who knows how many hours, my living space is a chocolateria.

The plan is to attempt filled chocolates, which I haven't done before. All on-the-fly, no recipes, but I think these might work: shortbread/salted caramel in dark choc, peanut/salted caramel in milk choc, raspberry ganache/coconut in white choc, rum ganache/hazelnut in dark choc, cookie chunks/rum ganache in milk choc πŸ€”

I've got so freakin' much to get done 😱


Making slooow progress on this pic and there's a long way to go yet, a billion lil tweaks and fixes to make. But it's 4am and I gotta sleep, so I'm stopping for the night.

So anyway - here's what it looks like now, barely halfway through the first rough shading pass. A lot
of the painted areas are still a bit flat and out of sync with their surrounds, but that'll come right eventually.

I hope πŸ˜…


Did a bit more doodling this morning, wanted to play with charcoal again. Didn't have a whole lotta time so it's quick and messy but oh well. Anyway, I felt like drawing a fluffy lil pup, so... I did 🐢

Also, as always, there's a quick vid of the sketch process on my insta for the curious:



Mildly drunk, today's monster movie (Godzilla) is all cued up, photoshop is loaded... it's time to friggin' PAINT πŸ₯ƒ 🍺 🐊 πŸŽ¨πŸ–Œ


I been scribblin' ✏️

Decided it's been too long since I messed about with charcoal, so this morning's warm-up was 15-20min of scrubbing at the page with a charcoal pencil and a paintbrush. 'twas fun 😁

...also, there's a quick vid of the drawing process on my insta page for the curious:

let me know what ya'll think!


Decided to throw some serious colours over my drawing. Looks like I'mma be at it for quite a few hours.

So, question: I'm in a no-thinky monster movie mood, they're great for background noise while I work - any recommendations for movies I should look into while I paint my squishy lil croc?

Currently playing Kong:Skull Island, loved the original Jurassic Park/Independence Day, thought Pacific Rim 2 was ok... looking for fun monstery stuff, nothing too heavy. What's your fav?


I made a sale! I MADE A SALE! I got an email from Redbubble, and I made a sale! Somebody bought my art! YEAH!

Who said you can't make a living as an artist? I'm in the freakin' money now, I made a sale and I'mma get...

...35 cents.

woo 😐


I hate, hate, HATE making pasta. It's a mess, everything gets covered in flour, and I don't have enough bench space to work the pasta machine so I have to drag my writing desk into my tiny kitchen.

It takes all damn day, the raviolis are fiddly to put together and the spaghetti never come through the cutter right.

But I keep doing it. And now I have a big plate full of garlic, basil, chicken and cheese raviolis and a freezer full of awesome noms.

And a carpet full of flour-y footprints πŸ˜…


Hey y'all! Quick question: Does anyone have any recommendations for sites to sell art prints through?

I'm working with Redbubble already, but wouldn't mind branching out for the sakes of a little more exposure, so long as whatever sites I post to are worth the time.

Needs: decent quality products, fair/reliable payment, respects copyrights etc. Good support from staff/mods would be a plus, too.

So... suggestions? πŸ™


Finished my baggie! It took forever, mostly because my sewing machine is cheap and shonky and kept chewing out massive thread tangles, but 'tis done. There's a few buggerups and things I'd do differently, but it's sturdy, has plentiful pockets, and is the exact right size for my notebooks.

And now I've also got the paper pattern that I made as I went, so I don't have to start from zero next time 😁


These steamed buns take a long damn time to make; the spicy asado pulled pork filling has to stew for a few hours the day before, the dough is sticky and messy to knead, and assembling them is fiddly and tends to leave every inch of my kitchen covered in flour.

But holy freakin' COW are they worth the work. I could eat these every damn day for a month 🀀


Haven't been arting much at all the last few days; my brain's been a bit blah after life dramas.

Best cure for brain blah is to make something that doesn't require the "painter" part of my brain, something that's all straight lines and rulers and working to a process. I needed a new small satchel/bag thing, and I had some spare fabrics and hardware from an old project, so... here's the awkward beginnings of a bag.

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