After recounting the bizarre farmhouse encounters of the last 24 hrs, I'm in the mood for a good bad movie to get drunk to.

Not painfully awful, although the time I got drunk to "Jurassic World Kingdom Thing II: Volcanoes Don't Work That Way, You Dipshits" was fun.

Any recommendations?

OH. One last thing.

I started out calling Baa-sil a "geep," because he was (thought to be) a goat first, and then a sheep - a G-eep.

But now, it seems, being a mischievous little shit, that he's a sheep on the outside, and a goat on the inside.


...Baa-sil the... soap?

I'mma go get drunk. I think my brain is borked.

...This thread got a bit more surreal-shouty than I was expecting.

I was just gonna post a couple of photos of cute teenage ungulates. But it's been a weird couple of days 😐

...also I might be a bit sleep deprived. Because the GODDAMN PEACOCKS WOULDN'T STOP MEOWING ALL NIGHT.

*takes breath*

Have a neutral frog. Frog don't give a shit about horny birbs and goat sofas. Frog just frogs, and that's ok.


...I... I can't even anymore.

So here's lil birbie Pippin at 4.30am this morning, determinedly serenading the corner of a couch pillow with all the romance he could muster.

...A *human* couch pillow, not a goat couch pillow or a sheep couch pillow.



...and here's Baa-sils personal sheep-sofa. It's not wicker, at least, but it comes with big fat pillows and a HAND-CROCHETED BLANKET.

Also for some reason my brother is patting Baa-sil's butt in this photograph.

But this is a photo showing a teenage geep's personal dinner table sofa with a hand-crocheted blanket. We are beyond the mountains of madness now, people, WHO CARES IF MY BROTHER IS REACHING FOR SHEEP BUTT!?

Oh, you know how I mentioned that these goats are soooo incredibly spoiled? that they have their own bench-sofa-things next to the dinner table?

...I wasn't kidding.

This was the view from my chair after dinner last night, as Baa-sil was snuggled up on my dad's lap.

That's right. It's a goat, on his own personal goat-sofa. Made of wicker.

...I don't think my dad thought that one alllll the way through.

After six or seven attempts to eat my phone, jeans, hands, shirt, hair, and chair, Baa-sil expressed his frustration that I wasn't edible by huffing and then shitting expansively on the deck.

...notice how it's sort of scattered? Doesn't stay in one place? usually they walk around and leave a trail of itty bitty poop nugs in their wake. look at the mat in the upper left corner. Right outside the door. Placed perfectly at stepping distance as a human exits the house 😐


...followed by a smug grin. This little shit knows exactly what he did.

They're not 100% weaned yet, and as a result, Baa-sil is perpetually on the hunt for things to shove in his mouth. Last night, he went for a phone cable, hammock, the eyepiece of a telescope, and, at one point, a frog.

The frog objected.

Here he is, approximately half a second before screaming, lunging, headbutting the everlovin' FRAK out of my phone while simultaneously flapping his tongue allll over it, covering it in spittle.

You can see the cold descent into madness behind in his eyes.

Manuel is the prettiest, calmest, friendliest goat I've ever encountered though. All he wants to do is follow you around and ask that you give him all the attention and affection and nose squooshes in the world. Honestly, I want to take him to a hospital as a therapy animal, he's so damn sweet.

On the other hand, this morning I walked out onto the deck at 5am, to find dainty little Manuel the goat curled up on the dog bed (that the dogs never use, they prefer the indoor sofa).

Bewilderingly, he was curled up with a plastic toy truck.


And I think I've spotted the reason.

Baa-sil is spoiled rotten. Hell, they both are. They each have their own outdoor benches loaded with pillows to sleep on, right next to the outdoor dinner table on the deck.

These benches do not always suffice for Baa-sil. Because he's a damn LAP SHEEP.

Photographic evidence of an adolescent sheep curled up on my gruff, mustachioed dad's lap like a puppy:

I wonder how many folks remember the not-quite-epic tale of Baa-sil the Geep? The little baby goat my dad adopted, found a lil goaty brother for, and then discovered whoops, he's a sheep!

I visited the lil farm again, and... he may be a sheep but he's a naughty lil shit. All the stories you hear about goats getting into everything and frakkin' it up? That's Basil.

Meanwhile, lil Manuel, the ACTUAL goat, is a pretty, dainty, soft little sweetheart who just wants to sit and be petted.

Dear all:

Y'all are awesome. Magnificent. I wuv u.

The other day I asked for a lil help: advice on buying my mum a laptop as hers is... um... a goddamn wreck.

...and y'all came through with loads of advice and suggestions, and helped me make a good choice.

Also, the same damn day I somehow picked up a commission that's going to cover almost the full cost of the computer, so I don't have to dump it on my credit card.

In short: Mama's gettin' a laptop, and ya'll freakin' ROCK!

Thanks 💖


Truth is, I’d’ve been homeless a few times if she hadn’t helped over the years. We’ve had some major issues but she’s been there for me, and it’d be nice to be able to give a little back. A cheap laptop isn’t much in the grand scheme, but it’d make a HUGE difference to her.

So, if you can help with advice, want to buy a lil art, or can simply boost this so someone with some tech knowledge sees this, I’ll be forever, eternally, mega-extraordinarily grateful. 🙏

Y'all stay awesome 💖


Of course, as I’d like to avoid debt - if anyone would like to help out and get a wee bit of arty goodness (prices USD); I do illustrations, pet/people portraits:

Lil watercolour illustrations $25-100
Digital portraits (like the dog, tho that’s a bit unfinished) $125-200
Oil portraits $200-600 (on paper, would be shipped to you rolled up)

The canvas paintings in the photo are for sale too; large canvas pieces will cost a bit more tho, and shipping would be a lot on top of that.

First I need advice. It's gotta be a windows machine (unfamiliar tech freaks her out a bit), and won't be used for much more than youtube, email, skype, and chess.

I'm in Brisbane, Australia - if there's anyone on here that happens to have a local IT business connection who could hook me up with something decent in budget, awesome - if not... A quick google gets me stuff like this. Worth it? Rubbish? Know of anything better?


Hi All! Could use a lil help.

See, my mum's in a bit of a financial yuck because she's at the age where it's hard to find full time work. Her laptop is 8yrs old, screen is *held on with tape*, several keys don't work... She's wanting to get something suuuper basic for $200.

I don't have much $, but I'd like to get her one for Xmas; I can put $500-600 (AUD) on a credit card which isn't ideal (Anyone want to hire me to paint a thing? I'm good at painting things!) but I can make it work.


I need to hire someone to slap me over the back of the head next time I try to save a little money by shopping online.

Our post and courier services are shiiiiiiit. It's not worth it. Spent the last two hours trying to contact courier companies, waiting on hold, and getting unnaturally angry at badly made websites and contact forms designed to make people explode with rage before they can hit the "submit" button.


Moved on to painting the colours. Long way to go yet, but it's getting there. And doggo is still waaaaaay too done with your shit...

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