I've been trying out the past couple of days: 'An open network for secure, decentralized communication'.

It's kinda like the Mastodon of messengers, or more accurately the fediverse of messengers, although calling it a is a bit of an understatement.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I think it's great! A much needed solution to an increasing problem, not sure why I held of from checking it out for so long! 😅

They're also on : @matrix 👍

@MH @Glectonzo @matrix

Riot is way too bloaty. What do you expect from an electron app? Nhekho and fractal are great native clients.

However, on mobile Riot is your only choice.

@mh @matrix

I have only used riot for matrix but it would great to try new stuff

@IceWreck @Glectonzo @matrix - I tried Nhekho and Fractal just now, but I guess I'm already used to the bloat because they both felt too plain to me, haha. I'm all about bells and whistles! 😋

I've noticed Bryan Lunduke complain about how bad electron is, but I'm still wondering what's so bad about it. Works fine here 🤔

@MH @Glectonzo @matrix

The problem with electron is that it wastes a lot of system resources.

An electron app is essentially a website/web app bundled with its own browser window.

Each electron app has a chromium instance at its base. When you run multiple electron based apps, resource usage quickly adds up, which is why electron based stuff is generally frowned up.

@IceWreck @Glectonzo @matrix - Ah, that makes sense. I guess it's better to just have Riot in a tab, rather than have it installed as a separate electron app then?

I was switching over from Signal, so one of the reasons I decided to go with Riot initially was the support for encryption.

@IceWreck @matrix
If i remember correctly the endcryption is still in beta or has it gotten updated. It's getting a long time since i last used it

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