I've been trying out various video editors for Linux this week. I didn't want to go through the trouble of getting DaVinci Resolve to work on Pop!_OS as it's only officially supported on CentOS.

One thing became abundantly clear however, Blackmagic Design's offering is leaps and bounds ahead of the alternatives!

It's actually quite amazing how much Blackmagic has improved Resolve the past couple of years.

I guess I'll have to go through the trouble after all 😬

@mh i only know kdenlive. Did you try it ? How do it compare to the others ?

@aluriak - The good thing about kdenlive is that it's free and open source. It also takes pretty much any file type you throw at it, but it's probably the least intuitive video editor I've come across, the UI also looks pretty outdated.

I much prefer Lightworks even though it's more limited in file types and rendering options.

They're no match when it comes to Resolve's color grading, tracking, VFX and audio tools though.

It's also hard to go back to layers once you've gotten used to nodes 😋

@mh Thank you for your answer ! Do you plan to share your experience in a complete format (blog post, article) ?

I'm editing only few hours per year, for really basic things, but as a graph theory phd student, the node-based approach resonate with most things i know.

Graphs to edit videos ! Really, graphs starts to pop everywhere !

What a time to be alive !

@aluriak - If I were to share my experience, I'd probably do it in a video format as I don't have a blog or anything.

Kdenlive is good for small editing jobs I think. Probably not worth the trouble of getting Resolve to work to use only a few hours a year 😋

@mh It would be a pleasure to see such a video.

Thank you for your time !

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