I've been trying to figure out how to do this watermark thing today.

@eishiya recommended to have a URL in it, but it was difficult to have it be visible in the photo without sticking out like a distracting sore thumb.

I think I'll go with something like this unless anyone has a better idea 🙂

@some_qualia - True, I feel like most people take the path of least resistance though. At least I'm increasing the resistance a little bit.

There are so many tools to remove watermarks anyway. Unlike when I've posted photos without anything, now I can see if the person is deliberately trying to hide that the content is stolen.

No more excuses of having "forgotten" to give credit.

If anyone still goes through the trouble, I'll take it as a compliment I guess 😋

@schnittchen - She's the best 😻 Can you believe her owners were going to put her to sleep simply because they were tired of her?

Luckily my sister took her home before that happened. Now living happily at my mom's house :)

I like it, not intrusive, nice looking.

Another thing that can be done *in addiction* to the watermark is hiding a message to the image with steganography.
In gimp or krita the G'mic plugin has a filter to do that easily (fourier watermark).
It works when the image isn't altered too much but like the other method it can be circumvented too.

Also beautiful cat. I'm glad that she is with a loving family now. ^^

@pollomostro - It's not a huge deal, in fact, maybe I should add a creative commons license to the border to make it clear that people are free to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon it as long as credits are given.

The G'mic plugin looks nice though, I'll try it out, thanks!

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