I need more musicians in my feed!

If you are one, or have someone to recommend, feel free to let me know. I'll check it out and follow if it's up my alley 🎢

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@MH I'm one but I haven't gotten into recording yet. What do you play?

@amolith - I know, I already have you in my feed 😏 I play the guitar 🎸

List of what I play πŸ˜‰ Show more

List of what I play πŸ˜‰ Show more

@MH hey! I make mostly electronic music, you can check it out at!
(I also play the clarinet, and I just started to learn the sousaphone, but I don't talk about it much on there)

@th4 - Nice, I had to look up what a sousaphone was πŸ™ƒ So that's what that instrument is called πŸ˜‹

@ChrisTalleras - Bonus for Norwegian recommendations! πŸ˜‰

@ChrisTalleras - Wait, these are just Norwegians, not Norwegian musicians! πŸ™„

@ScribbleAddict - Thank you! I'll go through the list tomorrow πŸ™‚

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