@paul Facebook has over 2 billion users on its network.

if actual outreach and coalition building is a key target for organizing, why in the world would we shun a tool obviously still critical in that realm?

I absolutely hate fb and wish everyone would come to #fediverse. That's also a pipe dream when ppl are busy and use the tools they know and cant get all the things here that they do there.

I remade an acct to keep up with comrades / access events.

Organize where effective.

@MH @paul tell that to All-African People's Revolutionary Party comrades or folks fighting pipelines in Louisiana or the rad abolitionists in Chicago. Facebook and twitter are corporate cesspools and problems for all sorts of reasons, but organizers have used those platforms extremely effectively.

Of course I prefer a transparent chronological feed on the fediverse and hate the algorithmic fuckery, but please don't erase ppls' effective use of those tools

@MH @paul you are fundamentally ignoring and disrespecting the people who have done very effective outreach work on fb despite the shenanigans.

I dunno what your experience is but so many incredible organizers I know have very positive traction on there and your naive assertion implies that they're somehow puppets and their message is only allowed cause fb wants it to.


I have far too much evidence to the contrary and tbh I would examine why you're making this argument


@slackz @paul - You are fundamentally ignoring what I'm saying. I've never claimed outreach can't be effective on Facebook.

You are arguing against something I'm not saying. Read my comments again.

Put 'Facebook shadow-ban' in a search engine and you'll see that my "naive assertion" of them suppressing posts and pages as they like is 100% true, as admitted by Facebook themselves a few months ago.

@MH @paul I'm not saying that doesn't happen. And I know the terrible things fb has done with respect to managing content / abuse / etc. Not ignoring that.

But it's also not fair to say that if Facebook doesn't approve of content it goes nowhere. I respect a lot of organizers who've made a well-informed decision: yes, facebook is terrible and not to be trusted; also it's a useful tool for certain types of outreach and comms work. And they've been very effective on there

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