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just margo things™ @M@mastodon.art

oh and here's a ᴾᴋᴹɴ trainer i drew around the same time too lol mastodon.art/media/qu7rXSyLnyN

don't have time to do this year but here's one from two years ago when i actually attempted it mastodon.art/media/aom3XEBzjgB

I go by a lot of names and exist in a lot of places: marrus.xyz/fediverse/

i first started trying to teach myself how to draw late at night in like the 11th grade because i love comics and animation and wanted to be able to express myself better in that way. i pretty much only ever work with pencils and paper and ink which doesn't always render the nicest on-screen but oh well.

i'm not the greatest at art partially because i don't do it nearly as much as i'd like to because it takes forever lol. but i like doing it so when i do i might maybe post the stuff i make here.


Dæmonic alt so this one can go back to #prrgrrmmng : @kibimon
Art account where i will post my bad art : @M
Sevensi language development account : @sevensi@spooky.pizza

List of all of my accounts: marrus.xyz/fediverse/