First try with gouache. I think I should check out a few tutorials or tips and tricks when working with this medium. Very different from what I'm used to.

Have any of you ever tried gouache? What are your experiences? Any tips for a beginner?

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@Lyrilith I’m not normally a fan of gouache, but this is nicely done.

@indixotic Thank you! Gouache is really weird, but I've seen so many cool paintings done with it, I was curious to try it myself. It's definitely something you need to get used to. ^^°

@Lyrilith definitely. Keep going with it. If there’s more gouache art like this in the world, I might have to change my mind about the medium.

@darckcrystale @Lyrilith im honestly a beginner too, the only tips I know are "when the gouache does little bubbles it means u added enough water to make an even and opaque layer of color" and "IT DRIES DARKER, DON'T TRUST THE WET PAINT" :')
@kaerhon probably has more experience than me!

@Mirima @darckcrystale @Lyrilith bubbles? ._.

yeah gouache is constant betrayal, it's like firing arrows in the wind, you have to anticipate the changes in color (light goes dark, dark goes light, opaque while wet may end in transparent while dry, and white is the worst of all)

@kaerhon @darckcrystale @Lyrilith yeah, I mean when u add a little bit of water to gouache and mix the paint it makes tiny bubbles!

@kaerhon @darckcrystale @Lyrilith :0 that's funny, it's one of the first things my art teachers taught me abt using gouache :'D

@kaerhon @darckcrystale @Lyrilith :'D there ain't rly anything to explain that I haven't said tbh, u just
add some water to ur pure gouache
mix it w ur brush
and bam, tiny bubbles appear in the gouache, good consistency for opacity + evenness acquired and it helps painting good flat colors! (but white gouache is still very much unbearable even with this lmao-)

@kaerhon @Mirima @darckcrystale Some of those effects I have noticed.. The dark blue in the hair got darker than expected and the bit's of white I layered on top didn't turn out as light as thought. :D Definitely a medium I need to practice with. Maybe I also used less water than I should.🤔


@brandkopf posts some cool gouache stuff from time to time. I've mostly been a watercolor and acrylic kind of dude.

@Lyrilith I never did GOUACHE gouache in school but my aqueous media professor had us buy white gouache and mix that with watercolors to make gouache. I was amazed at how I was able to to paint over areas again and again. Gouache was used all the time in older days of commercial art because it photographs well (no shine, I guess).
James Gurney is a fan, I bet he'd have some advice in his archives:

@AesAthena I'll check it out. Thanks! :)
And yeah, I've seen some people use white gouache and mixing it with watercolors for specs of opaque color.

@Lyrilith Oh wait, I guess I did this in gouache, too. I don't remember painting it, unlike the owl. *shrug* Posted for your entertainment.

@Lyrilith I think everybody uses different approaches. For me, it works to use very dry. Not from the tube but already dry gouache and with only wettish, but never dripping wet brush.

@Lyrilith maybe a bit late, but i found this in my recommendations and had to think of you and your gouache adventures:

hopefully, there’s something helpful there. i’m usually very happy with the art prof channel.

@Lyrilith aw yay, i’m so glad to hear :D you are most welcome!

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