🦇 Happy World Goth Day!!! :D

I shall post a few goth memes today. ^^

@Nikolai_Kingsley Seems to exist since 2009. Next weekend should have been WGT, one of the biggest goth festivals.. So that kinda fits.

@Lyrilith this is also a common designer problem.

"My wardrobe is entirely black"
"Which shade of black are you referring to?"

@lastfuture True.. 😅
Brown-ish black, blue-ish black, green-ish black..

With clothes it just sucks when you have a new piece and after washing it it just doesn't go with the other blacks. Or that shade of black doesn't work with that black texture.

@Lyrilith what's your favorite shade of black? Mine's violetish black

@lastfuture Cool toned blacks. :)

Good thing non-matching blacks are only a day time problem, at least for me. If I'm going to a club night it doesn't matter much. It's dark anyway. :D

@Lyrilith mmmmmm … somebody should invent fluorescent black

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