Doodled this cutie during a train ride today. Wanted to give her some color, so I did that quickly with Procreate. :3 I'm loving this color scheme!

@Caelyn Thank you. :D I just noticed that she seems to have lots of elements I love from Jacquelin de Leon's girls. ^^°

@Lyrilith Yes, you can see the influence, but it's not derivative. Very cool.

@Lyrilith Wooow, super cool! Love the shading! Is this... analog art? Can't believe that blending!

@TQ The sketch was made with a black pen. I then took a photo of it with my iPad and colored it in Procreate.. So it's kind of mixed medium? ^^°

@Lyrilith Ahaaa! New it! That fade was too smooth to be traditional art! But very cool.

@TQ Wanted to try something I've seen others do before. :) I think it often looks kind of cool to have the natural looking sketchbook page and pen/pencil sketch with the smooth and sometimes glowy digital colors. (..also I'm not that good at digital sketches..^^° )

@Lyrilith It does look very cool, but it's also rather subtle. I like it!

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