My first try at painting a landscape. Only thing missing was the soothing voice of Bob Ross. :bob_ross:
I made this while my friends went for a swim in that lake.

@Lyrilith this looks really good, especially for a first try. Did you use bob ross' video's as a guide?

@vancha Thank you! Not directly, but I've watched a lot of them many years ago and tried to remember some of the things he did. I bet it's more fun when it's not digital, though. XD

@Lyrilith probably :p I've seen some of your artwork, I should have expected the painting to come out good as well 😅

(particularly how you render the water.)

@CountZero 😭 Thank you.. I have to admit, for the ripples on the water I used a "dry brush" (at least that's what its called in the software) and it worked very well. :)

It's a digital painting?
I would have bet my hand that it was an oil on paper, or something like that...well, you know, traditional😊


Now that I think about it, his voice is soothing enough that maybe I should make a big cut of all the stuff he says that isn't actual painting directions, set it on loop... 🤔


ASMR-BRI (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response -- Bob Ross Induced)

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