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shameless self promotion (Redbubble) 

This one was an interesting angle and took me a moment to decide on how to get the details across in a quick and simple way.

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in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"

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My favorite cartoon to post after someone online replies that they don't like the thing I like. Feel free to use this.

Meme containing slight spoilers to episode 2 of "The Mandalorian" 

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middle europeans: wow the sun sets early in the winter..... weird how it can be dark outside at 6pm
the scandinavians in the replies:

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My current production software on Linux:

Photoshop β†’ or GIMP
Illustrator β†’ Inkscape or
MS Office β†’ LibreOffice
Premiere β†’ OpenShot
Audition β†’ Audacity or Ardour
Acrobat β†’ Master PDF Editor (not FOSS)
Lightroom β†’ darktable
RDC β†’ Remmina
InDesign β†’ Scribus
Skype for Business β†’ Sky
An actual phone - Zoiper

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Had an ear worm the entire day and didn't know song title or artist name. Just googled a description of the music video and found it.

Pendulum - Slam

When Neddea posted her design for Crowleyβ€˜s Halloween costume on Instagram ( and started a I just had to participate. Didnβ€˜t make it in time for Halloween but hereβ€˜s my take on it. Only a portait but it was the first idea I had.

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Looking for a psychotherapist in Aachen, Germany 

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