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I did it wrong the first time, so

Hi! I’m Ivona, an illustrator focusing mainly on fantasy themes and painterly style. I also dabble in more stylized stuff. And fanart.

❤️ I'm OPEN for commissions too!

💙 I'm also on

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Last night I ended up designing my very first D&D character ever. Too bad I have no game to use him in 😂

Sketches made for a client. Not sure if I should put this under content warning, as blood isn't very graphic?

Couldn't really draw much lately. Did this while settling more into Clip Studio Paint one evening.

Ever since that Heroes of the Storm vampire Hanzo skin was posted around I can’t stop thinking of Van Helsing skin McCree hunting him...

I scanned in the pencil sketch for the inktober piece and slapped on some tones for ink washes to figure out how to arrange my values. And ended up liking how this came out…

So I go looking for something for inktober piece and get sidetracked by doodling this….. Good thing that this year I’ll just take as much time as I need for every piece.

Some portrait studies I did today with a pencil. Trying to figure out what kind of way of using it I like. The middle portrait is loosely based off of Lane Brown's charcoal portrait.

So it started with two sketches of king Alfor (which seems like I tagged wrong, sorry!) and then... Just escalated...

I tried using fine liners again and drew some king Alfor because he's so pretty!

I finished my DIY sketchbook and discovered a particular kind of charcoal that I actually like. So here’s some studies I did with it and white chalk. Now if only I could get my hands on some actual white charcoal...

Whoops, forgot to post this here. I watched a lot of Voltron and entertained the idea of Shiro being a white lion paladin.

Well, it’s been a while since I made some Critical Role fanart… So have some Clay, because he’s AWESOME. Also managed to finally find a good balance between soft and hard edges.

Wanted to do a quick sketch to practice stuff with lines… And then here we are 5 hours later LOL

I still can’t get over how beautiful her Halamshiral outfit is TAT

Some perspective practice, because doing the ones with boxes bore me out of my skull. Trying to find a good balance between line weight, shapes and black/white contrasts.

I've been sick lately so I couldn't really draw. Then, I got well enough to draw for a bit, and since I was thinking of Castlevania, have some angry looking Dracula :D

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