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Fanart - Chibi Alastor
Hello all, thought I’d post this chibi fan-art of Alastor from Hazbin Hotel.
I really enjoyed working on it. Hope you all like it too.

Sketch Art: Smolder
I like the dragon Smolder and thought it would be fun to give her a sketch, enjoy.

Line Art: Rarity enjoying the newspaper
This didn’t come out too bad, though when I come back later and color it I’ll need to remember to add more pagers to the newspaper.

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Tested a new pixel art app with some prompts! I didn't realize I used the same number of frames too. Had an idea of a floating island and I think I made it work! Still have a lot to learn.

He probado una nueva app para el pixel art con algunos de esos prompts, aunque la de los fotogramas fue por casualidad. Tenía la idea de hacer una isla flotante y creo que he conseguido que funcione!!! Todavía tengo que aprender mucho.

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25 mins for featuring a poor first-ever attempt at clouds in pixels. Had to do it for the vaguely phallic imagery 😆
NES palette, 18 colours used, 64x48

Color Art: Fluttershy
Here’s a coloring of one of my Fluttershy sketches. I like the feel of the shading, especially where the legs dip into the water.

Vector Art: Rarity setting up her display
Wow, fully shaded and has a background. What madness is this? ^ ^
If backgrounds didn’t add so much extra time I’d do them more often. I like the way this piece came out. I’m definitely getting used to the way I can do shading in Inkscape.

Discord in a glass of water
This turned out pretty good, I had fun playing with the distortion filter so that glass has some effect on Discord.

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look drawing is ok but nothing beats the sheer instant gratification of good chocolate milk

anyway this is just a little silly and I hope you enjoy

[ ]

Line Art: Countess Coloratura
As I was sketching this out I thought she looked really good without the veil and collar. So I thought I would include that version here as well. This pose was kind of inspired from the first song she sings in the episode.

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Line Art: Fluttershy enjoying nature
I realized later that there wouldn’t be ripples like that in a stream. The water’s moving and all. So this drawing is more depicting a small pool in a forest then the stream in between the two hills from episode 23 of season 5 that I was thinking about during the drawing.

Vector Art: Queen Chrysalis - colored
I decided to color my Queen Chrysalis sketch, and I think she came out quite well. I even fix some problems I was having with the way the sketch turned out.  
Like the fact I completely forgot the crown and her wings. ^ ^;

Sketch: Tri-horned Bunyip
Had a bit of fun with this one, even though she didn’t have a rubber ducky in the episode she was in. It was too cute of an image not to draw.
Also bubble bath; if you have a rubber ducky you have to have it in a bubble bath. ^ ^

Hello all, I've still been working hard on my ADHD Helper app project. However, I've pivoted my focus a bit for the moment.
I realized that the tools I've been working on to help me make the app could be useful to other people.
So I'm working on packaging up my tools to release to the public on my ko-fi page as a "pay what you want” starting at free... For a more detailed post please head over to my page.

Sketch: Queen Chrysalis
This came out nicer than I thought it would. I think I’m getting pretty good at hatching my sketches.
The only thing that feels off to me is her expression. I think I made the mouth too wide. But I still like it over all.

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