comiiiiic that I made recentlyyyyy to describe a certain drawing that was VERY FUN but also took forever : D

its freaky ominous conlang time in sea of curses land >:]

why am I making a conlang??? my comic needs a conlang? no. my conlang hobby needs a home

birthday aaaaart

I made this with a bunch of people on discord who volunteered to join and it was very fun : D took me a little longer than intended!!! But it was a fun group shot with a lot of people and I enjoyed it greatly

I hope you enjoy the picture!!! it was a great birthday ^^

I did a little emoji character design challenge with friends the other day and forgot to post this!!! AAA

the emoji prompt was 🐟 🌈 ☂ 🐚

struggling to animate at the moment hahrgfjwsgfjsffkf

I'm making even more Selene designs. I CAN'T HELP IT Selene is just my favorite to design outfits for 😭

Hope you enjoy though 🌊💙 Click for the full image

[ ]

Commission time :]

This is for pal @/DavidALudwig on Twitter
featuring the awesome Cat and adorable Melody :] aaand featuring a certain boat design from my comic, Sea of Curses 💙🌊

This was a lot of fun and I deeply enjoyed painting this (sea pun not intended) and I loved how this turned out

Hope you enjoy ^^

Another cloud painting study! This one was a timed study done with friends. I'm really happy with this one, I think it has a lot of dramatic lighting and it's a personal favorite.

Expand for the full photo ^^

Hope you enjoy <3

[ ]

Finished a commission today and should have the other one done by tomorrow by the latest SO

Treating myself by making an alt as an evil Sea Wizard since my friends say I am apparently
the dude with the fish motif

[ ]

Can’t use my iPad today, wet charger due to leaving my bag in the rain.

soooo I’m breaking in a new sketchbook!

haven’t shaded with graphite in a very, very long time.

[ ]

Here's a little sketch that I made a few days ago for @ramenliker 's webcomic Substitute Magical Girl!

I hope you enjoy :] 💕

Sorry for the slight absence! I've been working on a couple amazing commissions. I got permission to post this one from my friend David

The characters belong to @/DavidALudwig on Twitter, and I've been loving this so much while drawing it 💜

I'm watching my brother for a few days while his dad is out of town, so if I don't post much, I'll be back soon

Hope you enjoy this look into what I've been doing!

Little wip! Here's a panel I colored from Sea of Curses, featuring my oc Tide 🌊💙

Finally getting back around to coloring some more comic panels and testing things out. Very productive day thus far >:]

Media marked as sensitive

CW: light blood / fire

I recently hit 100 followers on Mastodon and wanted to take a minute to thank everyone. This is an absolutely wonderful and friendly community and I’m glad that I joined ^^

It’s my favorite place to post art, and I’m glad people enjoy it :]

Thanks again 💙

Realized I hadn’t posted this here, but these are some updates on Selene’s design changes in the comic, just some lil concept art bits for him :]

I’ll probably mess around with the standard outfit a bit more, which is the one Selene has in chapter 1, but the prologue one/flashback one is a new favorite

Here are some examples of my artwork! Hope you enjoy 💙

Special thanks to @/Renieplayerone for letting me use art of their character Kate Blast as an example!

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Hello! I’m officially opening up commissions!

I’m opening up 4 slots to start, but I plan on adding more in the future. If you’d like me to draw something for you, DM me and we can set something up! 💫

Only fair that since I gave one site some comic wips I should give this one some too :] Here are some of my favorite shots so far! I’m changing the lineart style up, so unfortunately I’ll be redoing some of this but I hope you enjoy it anyway

Wish me luck on the re-dos, but I found a line art style that’s faster at least

I’ve come to show you this sketch of very cute incredible besties…

These are some of the main cast of my comic! Selene (middle), Val (right), and Cyril (left) are all part of the Lucerne research crew, a team of researchers studying curses and the witches who cause them

The comic is called Sea of Curses 🌊 and I am working on it (it’s not uploaded yet)

For the Lucerne reasearch team as a whole, there’s also Hugo, but he’s probably camera shy. He is however, part of the team ^^

I updated this a little! I tried out some different color sets, and thus far, this was my favorite

Took the advice of @/ and I morphed the newer design to fit the older ones appearance a bit more, to try and make it look faster and more aerodynamic

I love my magic fishy curse boat 🌊 💙

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