An important note 💙

Alt-text is really important to the mastodon community and helps make our corner of the internet more accessible

there are a lot of people who won’t boost posts with images missing alt-text, and I prefer to do the same

if you’re having trouble forming the habit, alt-text reminder bot @PleaseCaption is a wonderful resource for help :]

New people can mean new learning curves, but I hope people will take the time to add descriptions to their images. Thanks!

@YourFaceIsPretty no problem! glad for the question

if you're on web, you should be able to click on photos to update the alt text. Plus there's a new tag on photos that says "No description added" and clicking that will also work

Mobile will vary, but on the masto iOS app, it shows up as a text box on the bottom of the image

You can also see if other people's posts have alt text on web, if they have a dashed border, it means they don't have anything in the alt text box :]

@Lurizon thanks a lot for the reminder! Absolutely important :)

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