Hello : D

I do all sorts of art but I wasn’t sure what to make my first art post, so these are some of the recent cloud studies I’ve done.

They’ve become a personal favorite subject for practice this year. Hope you enjoy 🌥

@pongles hello pongles :artshark: you have already seen the clouds but i am still glad : D

@pongles gonna try unlisting my replies real quick and see if that's good practice for the future- you still get notified of this, right? :artblackcat:

@Lurizon I do see it, and it also automatically makes any replies unlisted by default too:blob_snow:​

@Nmhfj @pongles thank you so much! : D I'm really glad to hear it

@Lurizon oh i absolutely love the brush work on those clouds!

@strawberry thank you so much! I'm really glad you like them ^^

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