some magical boy art! cecil moonly belongs to lillyquartz on twitter, and hayle is a character from a magical girl project im working on!!

we've also got sprinkles!! her character trait is chaotic dumbass and we love her 🌈 ✨

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The vocalsynth user cycle:

- find song
- “wow this is a bop, is there a karaoke?”
- find karaoke, get excited, sit down and start making midi
- forget what you were doing and let project sit for months
- repeat

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i started making a new carrd for myself since my old one was just for my idol account and stayed up until like... 2am hyperfocusing on it fjksldfjkdsjlsjfkl send h e l p

wait how do i get custom emojis in my bio huh ??? i'm probably gonna make a better pinned tweet/intro thing in a sec here lmao idk what i'm doing :'3c

heya!! this whole thing is kinda new to me but i'm excited to try it all out!

i do art occasionally but mostly work with vocalsynths such as UTAU! you can find me pretty much anywhere as lunarconstruct 🌙 ✨


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