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Hello! I’m LuminousDrago, I’m a character designer, illustrator, animator, and storyboard artist. I’m currently working on an upcoming webcomic called Backwards, which I hope to start publishing sometime early next year.

Here are some links:

Watch "Super Smash Bros. Brawl | The Worst One, Apparently - Scott The Woz" on YouTube

My commissions are open!

Rough Sketch-$5
Clean Sketch-$10
Colored Sketch-$20
Flat Color-$40

You can commission me on my Commiss(.)io at

‪I’ve been wanting some inspiration for design work, so I did a character design prompt.‬

‪Her name is Edith Backsnap and she is on a mission to deliver important goods.‬

‪I wanted to make a for my partner too, he got the adorable dutch shepherd :D‬

‪The picture of me is meh, but I wanted to do the meme before it died. I got a pomeranian :D they are a bubble tea lovin maniac‬

‪Finally finished my spidersona

‪I think I’m gonna make this one a print :V‬

I just wanted to do a perspective drawing but it quickly turned into life drawing practice...with a bun!

I apologize for not cropping my art posts so you’re not staring at characters crotches, but the app I use for mastodon doesn’t have the option to change the crop position and last time I tried it through the actual site it didn’t work either

‪A new double sided charm idea, I’ve been obsessed with rabbits lately.‬

Took a break from commissions to draw a little fun thing for myself :)

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