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Reebok partners with National Geographic on new collection

Chiara Ferragni is Hublot’s newest brand ambassador

Iris Apfel celebrates her 100th with H&M announcing collaboration with the fashion icon

New decade, new energy
Twenty twenty is not the first time that the turn of a decade had so much change. Jack Yan looks at previous new decades, and remains optimistic

Mellerio shows an exquisite ring collection paying homage to the Italian Renaissance

Kick up your heels: Pashion Footwear revolutionizes comfort with high style

A hop, sip, and a jump: traversing California’s Sonoma and Livermore wine regions

Pamela Anderson joins Antartica2020 to advocate for the Southern Ocean

Kristen Stewart wears spring 1988 Chanel haute couture re-creation on Spencer poster

De Moi skin care blends Swiss formulation with natural Philippine healing

New Balance–Casablanca collaboration, XC-72, on sale in New Zealand from August 28

Iggy Azalea, BH Cosmetics team up on Totally Plastic, a retro beauty collection

The future is in the palm of your hand: Nebulyft anti-ageing puts time on your side

Luxury precision
This month’s selection shows a far greater degree of precision than what “regular” might demand

Print’s the next big thing
With a web-savvy generation who know about Big Tech’s issues with privacy and surveillance, print magazines are looking like a great time-out from digital screens at every moment of the day

Classic with a twist
Puglia-born, London-based Nico Didonna started with a dream to travel, and found himself as one of the UK’s sought-after creators of quality, classic design with a contemporary touch. He tells Jack Yan his story

Climate change is hurting our skin and health: heed these pearls of wisdom from a pharmacy doctor and executive

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