Oaks Wellington Hotel opens on Courtenay Place, in the heart of New Zealand’s capital dlvr.it/RJgsd4

Kathy Ireland to release first novel, Fashion Jungle, based on real-life experiences dlvr.it/RJcHHL

LA life, in small bites: Elyse Glickman, Derek J. Poirier and Jody Miller confirm less is more when it comes to staging a good food festival, during the @latimes@twitter.com’ 10th annual Taste, at Paramount Pictures’ hallowed back lot lucire.com/2019/1111vo0.shtml

Travel editor Stanley Moss to speak, plus Q&A session and book signing in Gurgaon dlvr.it/RJ0cxT

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Julianne Moore, Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Riccardo Tisci head to WSJ Magazine’s Innovator Awards dlvr.it/RHxHWq

Bollinger and James Bond mark 40th anniversary with Paris event dlvr.it/RHtnws

Syversen AS invests into Danish sustainable legwear brand Dear Denier dlvr.it/RHtnw8

Michael Holman’s art to be exhibited in Amagansett, NY dlvr.it/RHsj7L

Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Hansel & Gretel: a family ballet where creativity fires on all cylinders dlvr.it/RHl2tV

Rénée Zellweger, Antonio Banderas, Al Pacino, Charlize Theron, Taron Egerton among honorees at Hollywood Film Awards dlvr.it/RHfRsB

The gold standard: Eichhardt’s Private Hotel impresses Stanley Moss as a prestigious and well appointed place to stay in the heart of , New Zealand’s downtown lucire.com/2019/1105vo0.shtml

Paris Opéra Ballet wows with two works at the Palais Garnier dlvr.it/RHbk0c

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