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I-N Intelligent Beauty redefines conscious skin and body care: Kiran Stordalen and Nicole Rechelbacher are resolute in their commitment to advance the legacy of plant-powered

Old masters
Stanley Moss delights in the art, architecture and photography that has to offer

Beauty trends uncovered
Plastic surgeon Dr Michael Somenek weighs in on 2021’s trends, and gives some straight talk and hard science about each one

ファッションはしばしば革新性(イノベーション)やエコロジーへの取り組みが充分ではないと気付いていたローラ・ゼンガーは、『ゆりかごからゆりかごまで』の哲学を採用し、すべての汚染物質とプラスチックを排除するシルクラベル、ラ・カッツを立ち上げました。その結果、シルクはこれまでの常識を根本から変える、純度の高い製品になりました。 甄爵恩ヤンが彼女にインタビューします。

Avec beauté et sens: Voyant que l’industrie de la mode a souvent manqué d’innovation et de promotion écologique, Laura Sänger a créé La Katz, un label de soie qui adopte une philosophie « cradle-to-cradle » et élimine tous les polluants et plastiques. Le résultat : une soie au toucher plus pur que ce que l’on pouvait connaître auparavant, ce qui relève la norme. Jack Yan l’interviewe

With beauty and meaning:
Seeing that fashion often fell short on innovation and ecological promotion, Laura Sänger created La Katz, a silk label that adopts a cradle-to-cradle philosophy, and eliminates all pollutants and plastics. The result: silk that feels purer than what you might have come to know, raising the standard. Jack Yan interviews her

A fresh bite into New England: Massachusetts is richer with the farm-to-table experiences of the Woods Hill Farm restaurants in Boston and Concord, writes Lola Cristall

It’s real life: conquering body image issues
Alli Spotts-De Lazzer’s MeaningFull is not only founded on a qualified therapist’s knowledge, but first-hand accounts of people who have dealt with dieting, weight and body image issues, and come out the other side having beaten them

We’re currently going round in circles to get our Twitter account reinstated. They asked us for ID, so we send it. Then they ask us for ID, so we send it. Then they ask us for ID, so we send it. And the ID does meet all their criteria. They never tell us why it’s not acceptable and why they keep asking us the same thing over and over again.

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