A new shape of time: has shown two watch collections that blend the best of and Berlin styles, writes Meg Hamilton lucire.com/2019/0906fe0.shtml

New Land Rover Defender unveiled: an icon reinvented dlvr.it/RCppR7

A summer of self-love: Jody Miller and Elyse Glickman take us on a multi-stop beauty-cation on the US west coast lucire.com/2019/0824be0.shtml

Ready-to-wear with attitude: is a contemporary luxury label inspired by the concept of “east meets west”. @anniewahab@twitter.com spoke with its founder, @MoeKhoja@twitter.com lucire.com/2019/0807fe0.shtml

Next-level : Cass, an eco-fashion label founded by French-born designer Eléonore Cass in 2017, has already earned an international reputation with its bold colours and strong ethics. She speaks to Jack Yan lucire.com/2019/0730fe0.shtml

Nicky Hilton hosts brunch to celebrate her collaboration with French Sole dlvr.it/RCkKbb

On the cover of our print magazine 14 years ago, on the cover of our website today, @NickyHilton@twitter.com.

Joan Smalls, Stella Maxwell, Indya Moore, Barbie Ferreira, Rowan Blanchard attend H&M Studio launch dlvr.it/RCZ48Z

Fizzy and feeling good: @LiquiDiva4@twitter.com headed to two summer events in Los Angeles ideal for those who love good food and cocktails lucire.com/2019/0812ll0.shtml @ginmare@twitter.com

Giving the green light: eco-conscious takes centre-stage at North America, reports Jody Miller lucire.com/2019/0814be0.shtml

British Fashion Council expresses its fears over a no-deal Brexit dlvr.it/RCKfND

Turning heads: Darren Koele, a veteran in central Ohio, has turned his pen-turning hobby into a passion for creating small works of art. Jack Yan speaks with him lucire.com/2019/0726ll0.shtml

Taylor Swift’s Lover is China’s biggest international album of 2019 dlvr.it/RC9Qrp

L’Oréal Professionnel and Redken are official hair sponsors for New Zealand Fashion Week dlvr.it/RC2Jbm

Crowning glory: ultra-premium linen brand Crown Goose Bespoke wants to transform where you sleep—at home or away—into a literal dreamland, writes @LiquiDiva4@twitter.com lucire.com/2019/0811ll0.shtml

Letter from New York City, August 2019: editor Stanley Moss heads back to , where he lived for a generation, and finds an exceptional place to stay that’s the antithesis of the frenetic hustle that the Big Apple represents lucire.com/2019/0827vo0.shtml

We think this is one of our most beautiful covers: KSA August 2019, shot by Lindsay Adler, styled by Cannon/the Only Agency, makeup by Joanne Gair, hair by Linh Nguyen/See Management, and modelled by Hu Xi Rong/Q Models.

Modesty with a French vibe: Saudi designer Sara Rayess launched her Foulard brand in 2011 after noticing a lack of stylish headscarves in the market. Today, Foulard is a go-to brand for elegant and stylish headwear. @anniewahab@twitter.com met up with Sara to find out more

In praise of slow : Anna Deans, who sources her fabrics for her accessories ethically and in an environmentally friendly way, doesn’t think of her eponymous label as ‘eco-fashion’, writes @jackyan@twitter.com

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