Unmasking the : from the history books to hot off the runway: Victoria Whisker looks at how the face has evolved from necessity to a accessory and why so many people are creating their own lucire.com/2020/0707fe0.shtml

New York’s sophisticated spots: some prime culinary destinations await customers’ return as the state sees its COVID-19 infections drop after weeks of lockdown. Lola Cristall has the low-down on numerous favourites lucire.com/2020/0705vo0.shtml

We see Stuff in New Zealand has stopped updating its Facebook presences. Maybe it has taken a lot of this on board? lucire.com/insider/20200530/fa

And maybe it is time for us to do the same?

German actress Tiana Pongs releases insider’s guide to modelling dlvr.it/RZxhyN

Hoshinoya smartphone app monitors onsen crowd size dlvr.it/RZkV91

Greed a topical comedy about fast fashion and the practices that support it dlvr.it/RZgDCV

Beauty round-up: a timeless lipstick, a rich lavender toner, and ’70s-inspired eyeshadows dlvr.it/RZfc3C

We know the Festival de Cannes didn’t go ahead as originally scheduled, so for all our readers, here’s Aishwarya Rai and Helen Mirren interviewed two years ago: dailymotion.com/video/x6jfgj9

The nonconformists: Meg Hamilton examines some of Paris’s best ready-to-wear for autumn–winter 2020–1, discovering that designers were ready to question and break apart convention, letting their creative forces take hold lucire.com/2020/0620fe0.shtml

Katherine Langford named brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris dlvr.it/RZH03T

Fashion round-up: different hemispheres, different seasons dlvr.it/RZH007

Sophie Morris live-streams Songs and Stories from the Stage concert on June 18 dlvr.it/RYl38P

LA Mask: an elegant way to make sure your personal face masks remain handy dlvr.it/RYVdmL

Expect to see Moncler fragrances from 2022, with Interparfums signing licence agreement dlvr.it/RYVdlx

JINS Eyewear extends range of blue-light-blocking lenses dlvr.it/RYVdkh

Coat tales: with winter fast approaching there is no better time to invest in the perfect coat. There is something to suit any mood, writes @sopheakseng_@twitter.com lucire.com/2020/0608fe0.shtml

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