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Hi! I'm Lucho, from Puerto Montt, southern Chile. Illustrator and comic artist, who loves to design characters and geometric stuff. Plus a little bit of design because yeah why not.


Tomorrow will be my first event after you-know-what. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Feels good to make an old-school webcomic site, just like the old times.

Así que Mastodon puso un selector de idiomas en el creador de toots, al menos en la web. Veamos qué tal anda.

Does it happen to you that you want to buy or change something and you start reading and watching videos about the subject, getting deeper down the rabbit hole?
That's happening right now to me with wrist watches.

Sometimes the outside world grants me with sights like these to behold.

What kind of paper do you recommend for color pencils, like Prismacolor Premier? I'm not looking necessarily for brands, but for a small guidance about density or texture :P

Could you imagine these two in a CN show? A show about an anxious artist and the incarnation of one of her OCs that came out of nowhere? That’s the elevator pitch (?).

Part of an art dynamic at that other site you must have heard about. Drawing my OCs from on the CN palette was quite fun!

Question to myself: Why do I keep browsing LinkedIn to see everyone who met at the university getting great jobs and making important stuff while I'm sinking deeper and deeper?

Nuestra web de #pronombres para un #LenguajeInclusivo ha sido actualizada siguiendo las recomendaciones de @eunice

Ahora se incluyen diversas formas gramaticales y los artículos definidos e indefinidos.


Puedes comunicarte con nosotres para sugerir la inclusión de otros pronombres o cambios a la información mostrada.

After several days of struggle (?), I finally settled on fonts for using in my Tumblr sites:

The reblogs blog uses Chivo. Did I choose this font because it’s the one used in OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes for whenever an UI is shown? My lawyers require that I answer “no”.
The artblog now uses Ubuntu. And uses the duo of Poppins (titles) and Inter (text). Yup, combining sans-serif with sans-serif. Also I added some nice backgrounds.
Now everything’s resolved.

"Could you pleaaaase stick with one design for your portfolio?".
Well, at least the theme is still the same. Yay.

Welp, Meta just announced NFT support on Instagram. New "massive exodus" just dropped!

My personal Tumblr blog is slowly becoming a cornucopia of old computers and late-nineties/early-oughts tech.
This is not a complaint.

A little warm-up doodle. Could you believe I created this guy almost 20 years ago?

This is still one of my greatest hits: a of Lisa Loud from , which I made in 2016 (HOLY MOLY 2016). When I posted it originally, it was commented and retweeted by the Lisa's VA herself, Lara Jill Miller. Also by Luan's VA Cristina Pucelli, and even Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt, at the time executive at Nickelodeon. Woah woah WOAH.

Sometimes I want to post other stuff here, but I worry my art would end up buried below other photos.
Then I remember that, in Mastodon, hashtags actually do something (I can even pin hashtags to my profile).

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