The first finished Animal Crossing YCH! Starring Amuerions character Hope! I love her design so much and I hope there will be a similar hairstyle in ACNH!

I really want to play so I'm opening a ! Get unique art of your OC/villager/etc and help an artist!

If you're interested fill out this form!
Every retweet/comment & like helps!

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Producing Custom Note/Sketch Books (Pt 3) |

All of the note/sketchbook designs designs ever made (+ more) & some things in progress :')

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day 4 Spell
This one could help you, but it also could give you a useless spell or even take one of your spellslots 😰

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Finished this last night :)

$40 USD which includes worldwide shipping if anyone wants it. :)

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Im... love me void elves! also happy voidtember, this was for day 22 and im hella proud how this came out!

I'm really happy to announce that I added these lovely key chains to my store!

I'm a beginner freelancer, so every boost/comment & like helps! Thanks!✨

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Alright time! The pink set will be going to someone on instagram and the gold to twitter.

To enter on Twitter:
Like this post.
Retweet (without comment otherwise it won't be tracked)
And gimme a follow! πŸ€—

Open internationally. Will pay for shipping!


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