Learning ever more about instances. Trying to redirect this profile to my xoxo.zone account. We'll see if this works???

I'm really enjoying picking my way through Lauren Bacon's archives. If you're a creative entrepreneur (or a woman, or...probably anyone) I'm betting you'll enjoy what she has to say. Here's one on Inner Critics to start with: laurenbacon.com/expert-enough-

Headed on to San Diego for the book tour today. I'm going to miss this view of home.

1 Time for a tweet storm! Tootstorm? Anyway, one of my obsessions as a working artist is mentorship, so let’s talk about that. As part of Helioscope, the comics studio I co-founded in Portland, I spend a lot of time working with new cartoonists, so my examples below are drawn from there.

More studies from the Getty Museum. [Description: a watercolor sketch of Antonius, companion to Hadrian.]

Such a lovely turnout at my book tour event in LA tonight 💛💛💛

Went to the Getty Museum this week and OH MY LORD so much amazing art. I'm feeling inspired.

I wanted to share this link with y'all: axesslab.com/accessible-comics

It's about @LuBellWoo's awesome comic, "100 Demon Dialogues", and how she and her self-publishing team worked to make the e-book version more accessible for people with visual impairments.

They added alt-text to each comic, and show examples of how they look to screen readers; the difference is striking.

Thought I'd share for those who are accessibility minded, and to remind myself to make the effort. It's worth it!

Painting up some more of these watercolor skyline pieces. I sold off a bunch last week to benefit the ACLU and now I can't stop!

I'm definitely still learning my way around Mastodon, and I can't guarantee I'll be super active here to start, but I'm keen to learn.

Hi Art Friends! I'm Lucy, I make comics about real-life adventures and feelings. I'm a tall ship sailor, a cartoonist, a teacher, and a traveler. I'm currently on a huge national tour with my new book, 100 Demon Dialogues! Say hi!


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