Finally, I am done with my Reference sheet Commission! It's been a long work in progress, but has definitely gave me the chance to work on several different Reference aspects.

Finally got a little Sketch of my character out. My furbaby, Dahlia Dreadnought, Pickles, Miss Lovely. Whichever you wish to call her. ♥

I was planning on shading this piece, but I am not sure if I actually will since it looks really nice flat. I GUESS WE WILL SEE IN TIME. But for now it will remain a flat. ♥


Finally got an example I can use for a Crayon Full piece! Plus I couldn't pass up a chance to draw this cutie character. I haven't played or seen much of DeltaRune yet, but Ralsei is super adorable and I could just hug.

So I recently joined a Roleplay based Discord that has Sonic Characters in Highschool situations. And when I chose my primary color for the School, an Anubis based character came to mind IMMEDIATELY.

Sketches : 10$ / 800 Points

Colored Sketches: 20$ / 1600 Points

Crayon Icon / Sticker: 25$

Crayon Full: 50$

Fulls: 60$ [Sonic / MLP / Pokemon characters only!]

All my ToS applies to the sale. I can provide examples of everything [Except the crayon fulls for now, sorry!]

Read my regular prices and rules here:

PM me if interested!!

Work in progress of a re-design. I haven't shown this character to but a few people until recently. So it's nice to actually give her the love she is needing! [Akuji, the Artists Daughter]

My wrist was hurting for a few days [And my motivation was drained hard due to it] so it took me a while to get to doing any of my requests I have lined up. But I finally got to one of them! A cleaned sketch of Ishtaca the Quetzalcoatl!


OHKAY TIME to FORCE that motivation! Got two requests to do and then after that, maybe touch up on some things or work on Crayon drawings so I can add those to an official Commission sheet.

Time to watch the boyfriend play Soul Cal for the next five years.

Probably my second oldest Mobian character finally getting the re-design she so desperately needed. Frost originally was just a generic 'Evil' feline with nothing really else going for her outside of being somewhat based on Naruto things back in the days. Now? She's a ethereal Necromancer feline. ♥


Got my first Crayon commission in last night so I got to work on that today. I am happy with how it turned out. ♥


I'm going to make a SALE on MLP, Sonic/Mobian and Pokemon [Non trainers] Clean Sketches [For 15$!] and Colored Sketches [For 20$!] If interested, please send me a Note [Or message, am not sure on Mastodon's private Messaging stuff!]~ I am also adding a 'Crayon Flat' For 25$!

I took up another sketch request while I work on my other pieces.


Did a quick little sketch request for someone within a Discord group I'm in.


I decided to do a little character re-design of an old Pony of mine and do a colored sketch of her. Now she looks like rain clouds. +-+


I have been working for a while on this, but now that I have a flat finished I can at least submit that! I am not sure when I will finish the shading on it thou. I made this for my boyfriend's birthday which was over a week ago. xD Just get distracted sometimes I suppose~

I figured after two larger commissions and a few trades I'd unwind with doing a quick colored sketch of a Mobian character I made to pair up with my boyfriend's character.

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