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Happy Trans Awerness Week.

From the happy enby transmasc that I am to any other trans pal out there, you are valid and I love you

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I got zero responses last time I hit up the Fediverse offering paid creative work, but I'm not giving up!

Some #Owncast features being worked on require iconography. And while we could use an icon library or something like Fiverr it'd be nice to work with an illustrator on the Fediverse who focuses on icons to have something that is custom.

This is paid work, so please boost and tell your friends.

Feel free to message me on the fediverse or email me: gabek@real-ity.com

That drawing is inspired of one of my partners who is a proud enby transwoman who is good at lifting (me included)

My mood this year has been posting mostly works in progress. Promess i will at some point post finished work.

But have it for now Inktober Loop

Hey masto friends, I want to leave Google Drive , anyone knows a safe equivalent platform ? Especially for NSFW content.


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I was not feeling well & my friend send me a cute pic of foxes to cheer me up, I have decided to draw them

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