Are any women musicians having advice for times of self doubt?

My partner thinks about stopping music because she had really bad experiences with fellow musicians especially men affecting dramatically her self confidence.

Advice & support would be appreciated :)

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Posting for a bass player friend.

Any musician based in London looking for a new band?

boost or PM :D !!

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Could we have charity shops in airports?

I think it would be really cool & finding cheap old books would make all introverts authors like me very happy.

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Je suis une personne nouvelle D: ... désormais j'ai TROIS clitoris dont un qui brille dans le noir '-'

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Okay, this is a once in a lifetime offer, if you help me and boost this I will NOT take your soul when you die!!
I really want to make these t-shirts, but right now I only have half of the 10 preorders I need :/

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"The enemy doesn't arrive by boat, he arrives by limousine"

put this on my grave pls

Doodling my inner self while watching my players not following my directions whatever

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Some trans people are men. Some are women. Some are neither.

Some trans people have known since they were kids. Some figured it out in their 80s.

Some trans people have been on hormone replacement therapy for years. Some can't get on HRT. Some don't want to be on HRT.

Some trans people try to "pass". Some don't.

Some trans people have had surgery. Some don't want surgery. Some can't get surgery.

All trans people are valid, regardless of any of the above. :trans_heart:

When your players over think everything instead of just trying stuff , or on the opposite try to force everything

After being in survival mode / poor for a bit more than a year, getting your cupboards & fridge full of food is TRUE HAPPINESS

Also having a new Teapot with good tea after a year of bad black thinguy in bags they call tea.

Simple. Joys. Are. The. Best.

Little evening drawing

Inspired by Maya from An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

I am white as a sheet, but I admire strong black personalities both in life and fiction and support them.

We need more characters like Maya (btw I love her to bits) in stories , stop the white washing.

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