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Et si vous deviez tuer vous-même l'animal que vous souhaitez manger quand vous allez au restaurant ?

La dissonance cognitive illustrée.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Hypnofaz/status/11

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I'm thinking of writing a critical FAQ about what #EUnomia is.

Reply to this post with any of your questions related to EUnomia.

feel free to boost, so that more questions can be collected.

(I cannot promise that I will, but I will comunicate if I don't, so that others can take over)

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It's been making its laps around the Blendersphere, but if you haven't already seen it, you should fix that problem and watch the latest open movie from the Blender Animation Studio, Spring.


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Attention artists of all stripes: Stop offering to work for free. You're poisoning the well for more experienced artists, and screwing yourself over in the long run. Build your portfolio on your own time and then charge what you're worth.

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Work in progress with Autodesk Sketchbook, I love their brushes.

Light practice :3

Are any women musicians having advice for times of self doubt?

My partner thinks about stopping music because she had really bad experiences with fellow musicians especially men affecting dramatically her self confidence.

Advice & support would be appreciated :)

Thanks ! Boost !

Posting for a bass player friend.

Any musician based in London looking for a new band?

boost or PM :D !!

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Could we have charity shops in airports?

I think it would be really cool & finding cheap old books would make all introverts authors like me very happy.

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Je suis une personne nouvelle D: ... désormais j'ai TROIS clitoris dont un qui brille dans le noir '-'

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