I will be doing my first market stall/art booth next month, and I would like to ask for advice. I will be going with miniature clay food, but because they are SO small I don't know how to display them. (and they can get stolen easily)

Anyone got tips and tricks for a newbie?

(also what tags do I use to ask for help/questions on this website? @Curator)

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@Loryenne @Curator
I would say, display your pieces so you can see them all from your spot behind the table, maybe on a back-less little shelf unit (well secured/weighted, of course) or other device. That way you can see through, arrange them from the back, etc. - and keep an eye on them. Also in general, vertical displays save a ton of space on your table. And having the pieces in lovely little rows together will catch the eye and be intriguing! Hope that helps.

@betsystreeter oh I had not thought about that idea yet! Especially handy for restocking indeed ^^ Thank you for the advice

@Loryenne You’re welcome! I’ve done a lot of tables at comic cons and so had the chance to experiment - a friend and I actually had a very old piece of toast we turned into a display and people came to visit it each year :-)

@betsystreeter sorry to ask but.. A piece of toast as in bread? (sorry English is not my first language)

@Loryenne Yes! An actual piece of toasted bread, which we kept for years!

#AskFediverse is a great start :-)

There's a guppe group at @askfedi_de - mentioning it will inform people who follow that account.

I once saw a tiny little teapot at a museum and it was displayed on a pedestal and under a big magnifier glass - probably not possible at a market?

@esthi oh I have one of those glass dome things! They are a good idea so people won't try to pick up the miniatures. Thanks for the tip!

@Loryenne @Curator Put some sort of magnifying glass over them, or let people pick up magnifying glasses in their hands so they can investigate themselves. If you're afraid the glasses might be stolen, put a chain on them and screw that into the table or similar.

@rtn omg 😂 turn it into an experience! That is such a cute idea! Haha

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