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Here are a few pet portraits I have drawn in the past half year that I am proud of <3. (mostly dogs and cats)

Working on my biggest project yet. I made this owl necklace, every feather individual. It was scary but I am proud I did it :D
I don't know if I should paint it.

I will be doing my first market stall/art booth next month, and I would like to ask for advice. I will be going with miniature clay food, but because they are SO small I don't know how to display them. (and they can get stolen easily)

Anyone got tips and tricks for a newbie?

(also what tags do I use to ask for help/questions on this website? @Curator)

Giving my handmade clay miniatures a little basket to sit in made of lollipop sticks. 🧺
It feels like playing dollhouse, and I am all in for it!
Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the picture and cutting the wood. (with his handsome strong hands 😘)

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After waiting a week for rings I ordered, I said "screw it" and started making my own. Starting out with some European 4-in-1 and Byzantine.
Having loads of fun weaving while watching with my partner!

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Good progress in an afternoon! Really enjoying this so far, super therapeutic.
Will have to make more links tomorrow 🥰

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Hey and creators, I have a question:

Do you have a website dedicated to your own comic? If so, where / how did you make it? 🤔

So I heard today was crafts day. I love to do things with when I ain't drawing. Please look at these miniature foods! I am so proud of them 🥺

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I made this cute kingfisher as a gift for my partner, as it is his favorite animal. It now hangs in our hallway as a canvas print <3

Does a cat portrait of those two cuties count on ?

Meet Toast and PJ!

This art piece holds a special place in my heart. I spend my time making it after my first therapy session when I realised I had hope in myself and my future.

I hope it gives those who view it a positive emotion too :)

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I hate feeling like I’m begging, but this is a bit of an emergency. I have 1/4th of a tank of gas, and my account is going to go into overdraft here because of an automatic bill payment for my insurance I forgot about, and I still need to drive to work. I don’t get paid for another week, so I’m feeling a little panicked here. I use PayPal and Venmo. Any help/boosts are appreciated!

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Recently finished of Link from Breath of the Wild because the fast travel cinematic was just really beautiful. 💚💙

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Hey , my name is Stella Spente, I'm an working mainly with gaming and book publishing, also done some comics. Favourite motives are Norse mythology and androids.

I've done work for Magic the Gathering, D&D, and Bonnier Publishing.

Here's a few recent pieces of mine.

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