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Mother am I too late to be redeemed, for you to erase my sorrow, my pride and my greed.

A cute scene of Khepri and mina being gfs! Mina is wearing khepri's large clothes! it doesnt fit her but she looks cute anyways!

I've updated the fish elf version of drasil's design! she a fair bit more monster like now! I'm happy of her redesign! did I mention she is a hopeless romantic? she is, she loves romance and sweeping ladies off their feet!

IM DRAwing MY BEAST waifu. I wanna get better at monsters so I WILL design more in the future! she kills anything she doesn't find attractive. She is fully capable of talking and understanding you, she just doesn't care to.

I did fanart of Lynne who is owned by b0nebat

She's petty and very cute and a villain what a combo A++!

I colored my big beefy waifu zafim! she can crush your head with one hand and give the best hugs! she has a slight Spanish/French accent!

I drew a wolf with tusk a bunch of time! I wanna get better at drawing animals! she's a big girl that will bite! you don't get close to her!

Xionis needs more love! she's body horror queen in my comic that's for sure. I drew her with her new best friend she is wearing like a glove! she's excited about it!

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Finished up a commission for one of my readers today. :-) I was so hype to get to draw a spider centaur. So cool.

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