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@Lorsenal !!!!! what can you tell me about them..they're wonderful...

Lorsenal @Lorsenal

Lilith is shy, wants peace and quiet. She has a lot of social anxiety. Pretty easily paranoid and wants food. She is also a brand new vampire. the joys to be had whinnying about her condition. She is on the possessive side when it comes to drasil.

Drasil has a hard time dealing with people due to the fact she is a crossdresser. She is very rude and brass but she likes being honest about feeling. She is in love with Lilith and would do anything for her! She wants warmth.

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@Lorsenal hhhh, how wonderful....I hope lilith gives drasil plenty of affection ...

@Lorsenal @MegHanSolo really enjoy hearing the narratives and inspiration behind y'alls' OCs. Thanks for sharing & inspiring. :mona_kiss: