I drew a wolf with tusk a bunch of time! I wanna get better at drawing animals! she's a big girl that will bite! you don't get close to her!

Xionis needs more love! she's body horror queen in my comic that's for sure. I drew her with her new best friend she is wearing like a glove! she's excited about it!

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Finished up a commission for one of my readers today. :-) I was so hype to get to draw a spider centaur. So cool.

“I love you” I’ve heard softly.
At least i’m sure I did?
yes, of course she said it.
Why am I doubting myself?

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I asked birdsite for things that can be abbreviated to "BB" and applied them to BB's main characters (more or less). (b^-^)b

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Darla, you're pushing your luck...!
(Don't worry, she backs off eventually)

Did another painting bust! I reallY Want to get better! this time of zyfrit! she can barely talk since the parasite controls the speech part of her brain!

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