I did a cyberpunk Zafim to add to the collection! She looks intimidating enough!

Art trade for Papperie!

I drew her boi LEster! He is such an "sweetie"!

Angel, you don’t have to sit with a pack of wolves
You don’t have to live so brutal
Lying with your demons

A trade for tenbillionmoths and her character wolf! he is a badass!


Birthday present for junoro, Verat is a lady that appeal to me a lot. I really like gray skinned ladies. You should check out her comic! it is a fun ride!

I did a decent artfight picture for once! I drew joseph who is moth trap's oc!


I want to try to do more of these!
check my artfight profile: artfight.net/~Lorsenal

Hewro you should totally read ten earth shattering blows! It is a great webcomic with wonderful badass lady in it! you should read it!


Character designs for a short comic that I will do that has a vampire in it! CAN YOU GUESS WHO IS THE VAMPIRE?

My is xionis looking like a rainbow! I guess it fits she is a lesbian after all! Xionis is colorblind by the way! She can't see shit without her glasses!

Finally finished Alistar! Oh a thing about her is that she is claustrophobic. She hate small spaces or really anything that blocks the sky view. She punches holes in the wall as a nervous tick and she loves doing it as well!

Did this for HarajukuMutant


I may have been maybe a bit too ambitious on this one! but I like how it came out!

the trio is together! Cyberpunk Mephena, drasil and Ibele! These ladies are something! Can you guess who is the most combat efficient? It is Ibele, She is has actual training and is stronger fighting wise than the other two! also mephena steal cybernetic limb from people!

Art trade of demi! for Banished shadow!

Demi is badass and She Deserves only the best!

art trade of fate for Steinmisr

She is a lovely character and I had fun drawing her! you peeps should check out her art!

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