Mini comic about zafim and althel! Get to know a bit more about them! Zafim is very merciless about criminals!

when you gotta make fun of yer own character for being a cannibal undead parasite mermaid! zyfrit has a peanut brain, she aint got much going for her

XIONIs and zafim fighting! xionis fight like a maniac and doesn't take it seriously or anything in general! ZAFim is the opposite. it is chaos vs order. THose two gals are GONNA have SO MUCH fun together!

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cw: blood, minor gore, nudity 

Happy Birthday to @Lorsenal , my very dear friend. You've inspired and pushed me to become a better artist, so naturally, I gotta give you some good art!
Character is Mina from Lorsenal's webcomic, Cold Sweat.

DOING a Q&A for my comic Cold Sweat! ASK yer questions in the replies!

Ya can read My comic here:

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Mother am I too late to be redeemed, for you to erase my sorrow, my pride and my greed.

A cute scene of Khepri and mina being gfs! Mina is wearing khepri's large clothes! it doesnt fit her but she looks cute anyways!

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