New character I'm working on! Her name is faust and she is a villain! Tall and lanky, She likes being in her little paradise and is very territorial since she does live in hell. She can't do a regular smile without looking like an evil piece of shit! She is EDGY.

A NEW OC! I dunno her name yet but you can suggest names! She is a wandering warrior that travels alone a lot in the rain. She is pretty stoic and scare people away by talking about cutting shit with her sword but she does like company. Former child soldier.

wip of Zyfrit the parasite mermaid and drasil. Zyfrit is tired of drasil crying because of her. She wants to go back to the sea and drasil need to carry her there. Drasil is a sad lady!

you will never understand the lengths i go to light your way

I drew my waifu Xionis again! she lost her soft face goodness! I got better at drawing faces tho!

So I made another au where drasil fit in @TheMenovine reed universe!

she a prisoner and HAVING A GReat time with khepri as you can tell.

I did a study of mike mignola! minimal color IS A WEAK point of mine that was hard tO DO. the rest is much easier to draw! mina is sad

Did Zafim my barbarian gentlewoman and the womanizer Ibele in modern au!

Zafim looks like a vampire pretty boy more than ever except she isn't! She is part of the army and part of the police force. She has a very antagonist/ flirty relationship with Ibele.

So drasil is a lumberjack in this au and she also part of a gang that tries to protect vulnerable people on the street.

Mina is a land lord! she is very good with numbers, is rich, she loves her gf drasil and she is horny for her. Spends to much money on food. will threaten you with a gun if you hurt drasil. She has gun training! She makes friends with the weirdest people.

I did a fanart for ten earth shattering blows! She is best girl and I needed to draw her! go read it!

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