I exist BUT I FORGOT TO post in a while! so here ya go a vampire kiss between gals!

it got blood

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blood, nudity 

Birthday present for @Lorsenal
of these absolute disaster girls from her comic coldsweat-comic.com :-)

Reworked a character of mine! Sinistra has 20 exes and she is pretty hostile to men ( I really dont recommend meeting her) She will stomp on you! she likes buff ladies a lot and andro peeps!

althel and zafim as vamps! love designing clothes so much! althel makes for a silly vamp cus she is such a stickler for rules and she doesnt know how to be lawful and good as vamp. She has to knock people out drink their blood and then carry them to their bed AND run AWAy. Zafim is a vampire hunter that althel NEED to convince that she is a good person.

HAPPY late birthday TO

Drew her badass lady mafia boss, Aisel! She will do anything for more power and she is highly superstitious!

I redid a anime cel from Mai hime! Shizuru is one of my fave anime character that I can't LEt go! SHE kills everybody and loves ladies COUNT Me in

drew Daemon owned by

Mini comic about zafim and althel! Get to know a bit more about them! Zafim is very merciless about criminals!

when you gotta make fun of yer own character for being a cannibal undead parasite mermaid! zyfrit has a peanut brain, she aint got much going for her

XIONIs and zafim fighting! xionis fight like a maniac and doesn't take it seriously or anything in general! ZAFim is the opposite. it is chaos vs order. THose two gals are GONNA have SO MUCH fun together!

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cw: blood, minor gore, nudity 

Happy Birthday to @Lorsenal , my very dear friend. You've inspired and pushed me to become a better artist, so naturally, I gotta give you some good art!
Character is Mina from Lorsenal's webcomic, Cold Sweat.

DOING a Q&A for my comic Cold Sweat! ASK yer questions in the replies!

Ya can read My comic here:

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